Child Safety Code of Conduct (2022)



Our Child Safety Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviour of adults with children and young people in our school.

All Laburnum Primary School staff, volunteers, contractors, service providers, school council members and any other adult involved in child-connected work must follow the Child Safety Code of Conduct.


The Child Safety Code of Conduct applies to all physical and online environments used by students. It also applies during or outside of school hours and in other locations provided by the school for student use (for example, a school camp).


Acceptable behaviours


As Laburnum Primary School staff, volunteers, contractors, and any other member of our school community involved in child-connected work, we are responsible for supporting and promoting the safety of children by:

  • upholding our Laburnum Primary School commitment to child safety at all times and adhering to our Child Safety Policy.
  • treating students and families in our school community with respect in our school environment and outside our school environment as part of normal social and community activities
  • listening and responding to the views and concerns of students, particularly if they disclose that they or another child or student has been abused or are worried about their safety or the safety of another child or student
  • promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal students, students with culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, students with a disability, international students, students who are unable to live at home and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LQBTIQ+) students
  • ensuring, as far as practicable, that adults are not alone with a student – one-to-one interactions between an adult and a student are to be in an open space or in line of sight of another adult.
  • reporting any allegations of child abuse or other child safety concerns to the Principal.
  • understanding and complying with all reporting and disclosure obligations (including mandatory reporting) in line with our Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures and the PROTECT Four Critical Actions.
  • if child abuse is suspected, ensuring as quickly as possible that the student(s) are safe and protected from harm.

Unacceptable behaviours


As Laburnum Primary School, staff, volunteers, contractors and member of our school community involved in child-connected work we must not:

  • ignore or disregard any concerns, suspicions or disclosures of child abuse or harm
  • develop a relationship with any student that could be seen as favouritism or amount to ‘grooming’ behaviour (for example, by offering gifts)
  • display behaviours or engage with students in ways that are not justified by the educational or professional context
  • ignore an adult’s overly familiar or inappropriate behaviour towards a student
  • discuss intimate topics or use sexualised language, except when needed to deliver the school curriculum or professional guidance
  • treat a child or student unfavourably because of their disability, age, gender, race, culture, vulnerability, sexuality or ethnicity
  • communicate directly with a student through personal or private contact channels (including by social media, email, instant messaging, texting etc) except where that communication is reasonable in all the circumstances, related to schoolwork or extra-curricular activities or where there is a safety concern or other urgent matter
  • photograph or video a child or student in a school environment except in accordance with the Photographing, Filming and Recording Students policy or where required for duty of care purposes
  • consume alcohol against school policy or take illicit drugs in the school environment or at school events where students are present
  • have contact with any student outside of school hours except when needed to deliver the school curriculum or professional guidance and parental permission has been sought.

Breaches to the Child Safety Code of Conduct


All Laburnum Primary School staff, volunteers, contractors and any other member of the school community involved in child-connected work who breach this Child Safety Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary procedures in accordance with their employment agreement or relevant industrial instrument, professional code or terms of engagement.


In instances where a reportable allegation has been made, the matter will be managed in accordance with the Department of Education and Training Reportable Conduct Scheme Policy and may be subject to referral to Victoria Police.


All breaches and suspected breaches of the Laburnum Primary School Child Safety Code of Conduct must be reported to the principal.


If the breach or suspected breach relates to the principal, contact North Eastern Victoria Regional office 1300 333 231.


Approval and review



  Created date


  June 2022




  School Council meeting June 21, 2022

  June 2022 LPS eNews to community


  Endorsed by


  School Council & the Principal


  Endorsed on


 21 June 2022


  Next review date


  June 2024




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