Student Leadership

School Captains

The four School Captains for Laburnum Primary act as role models, upholding the school values of Curiosity, Respect, Integrity and Resilience.

In Year 5, students nominate their interest in becoming a School Captain and are selected following a process that involves their peers and members of staff.

School Captains take an active role in running assemblies, leading school events and attending events on behalf of the school.

2021 School Captains:
Jane N, Lucy E, Ethan D, Felix C


House Captains

The school's house captains are role models for their peers and foster pride in their respective houses. The four houses Conder, McCubbin, Roberts and Streeton are represented by four students from each house. The House Captains are responsible for organising whole school events, liaising with other student committees and promotion of the house points system.

2021 House Captains:


Conder House Captains
Zoe E, Destiny A, Thomas J, James G

McCubbin House Captains
Zoe K, Angela A, Jacob G, Zaid M


Roberts House Captains
Matilda B, Suha F, Terence L, Hamish C
Streeton House Captains
Rachel P, Anushree Y, Shantan R, Eshan A

Green Team Captains

Green Team at Laburnum Primary School consists of two students from each class in Years 3-6, elected as Green Team members by their peers to work in the Kitchen Garden and environs one lunch time per week. The Green Team look after compost bins in classrooms and the staffroom, recycling and keeping an eye on the school grounds in terms of new garden spaces for planting and beautifying the school.

Two Green Team Captains are selected from Year 6 to promote activities and Nude Food at school assemblies. These leaders are responsible for keeping the school clean, green and sustainable, lessening our carbon footprint on the planet.

2021 Green Team Captains:
Mia F, Adithya A

Library Captains

The Library Captains experience leadership at Laburnum Primary School and enjoy the responsibility of guiding, assisting and helping others. These students, who are avid readers, are selected to carry out many roles such as borrowing, sorting, making announcements and presenting at assembly. 

2021 Library Captains: 
Talon L, Isaac D, Ethan C, Annabel R, Jocelyn B, Jessica D, Isabel S, Grace Z, Rahul R, Tejal K, Kuhu S, Lincoln N

STEM Captains

The STEM Captains maintain our wonderful new Laburnum Laboratory and enthuse students across all levels through STEM-based activities. 

2021 STEM Captains: 
Saketh R, Joshua F

Music Captains

The Music Captains promote Laburnum Primary School’s Performing Arts program. As passionate Music students, they are involved with performance groups, such as the school choirs, concert band or string ensemble.  The Music Captains are responsible for providing assistance to the Music teacher, making announcements at school assemblies and other performances and assisting with presentations.

2021 Music Captains: 
Phoebe W, Mia K

Art Captains

The Art Captains help maintain the art room and create new opportunities for students. They are responsible for planning and leading an Art lunch club as well as providing assistance to the Art teacher.

2021 Art Captains
Jim C, Aditya A

Spanish Captains

The Spanish Captains promote our Spanish program across the school. As student leaders, they support younger students in our weekly Spanish Club, provide information in assemblies and newsletters, update display boards throughout the school and encourage others to be confident in their language learning. They also collaborate with the Spanish teacher to further develop their roles and responsibilities. 

2021 Spanish Captains: Michael H, Kanishk G

Wellbeing Captains

Our Wellbeing Captains are actively involved in bringing to life our school’s ‘Thrive’ vision, including supporting the whole school implementation of a positive behaviour framework, the Rights, Responsibilities and Respectful Relationships program and other wellbeing initiatives and supports.

2021 Wellbeing Captains: Brad Z, Lucas R


Concert Band Leader

Concert Band provides students with a fabulous opportunity to further their musical skills in a fun and supportive environment. The Concert Band Captain helps organise or lead various aspects of the Band’s performances. 

2021 Concert Band Leader: 


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