At Laburnum Primary School, we understand the need to prepare our students to live and work in a rapidly-changing world. With the prevalence of Internet access, computers and mobile devices in our daily lives, our students usually come to school with significant skills in this area. Based on global educational research, our use of technologies across the school is aimed to enhance our Vision of Learn, Thrive, Contribute.

Laburnum PS is extremely well resourced and each year level has access to a range of Technologies tools. Our approach is always to plan the learning first and consider the Technologies tools second. This means we maintain our focus on curriculum, integrating technology when it enhances learning. Tools used across the school include large screen technologies, netbooks, iPads, 3D printers and robotics.

Cyber-safety is an integral element of our Wellbeing and Technologies programs across the school. Teachers introduce, reiterate and discuss safe online behaviour regularly with students. We nominate the first few weeks of each year as 'device-free' at school, to develop expectations and relationships in classrooms through our 'Ready to Learn' program. During this time, teachers review our Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement with their class. Parents are encouraged to contribute by discussing safe use of Technologies at home, before signing the Agreement with or for their child. 


Additionally, our senior students participate in the eSmart Digital Licence program.

Would you like to read more about online safety? Click here for the eSafety Commissioner (eSafety), Australia’s national independent regulator for online safety, which has lots of resources and includes the following recommendations and article:


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