Clever Classrooms

Laburnum Primary School students enjoy outstanding facilities. Like many schools, we have different types of well-maintained learning spaces, including:

  • core buildings that have been extended and modernised
  • a brand new flexible learning space for two classes
  • our huge Laburnum Laboratory, 'The Lab', which can accommodate multiple classes for STEM, both inside and on the new outdoor deck 
  • some relocatable classrooms that are well-blended into the existing provision; most with connecting outside corridors or verandahs. An $8.755 million Capital Works project will replace most of these rooms with contemporary learning spaces during 2023.
  • our stadium sized hall, modern staff/community centre, contemporary library, heritage listed performing arts centre, Visual Arts room and Out of School Hours Care Centre. 


Our teachers use the U.K. Clever Classrooms model for setting up our learning spaces. Based on research in schools, Clever Classrooms recognises that differences in the physical characteristics of classrooms can account for variations in learning progress between students in different classes. As your child will spend many hours in their classrooms, we want them to learn in calm, comfortable spaces, whichever room they are in.

Three types of physical characteristics make a difference: Stimulation, Individualisation and Naturalness, or  the SIN design principles. We consider these influential factors when setting up our classrooms: 

  • Naturalness: light, temperature and air quality – accounting for half the learning impact
  • Individualisation: ownership and flexibility – accounting for about a quarter
  • Stimulation: an appropriate level of complexity and colour – again about a quarter.  


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