School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the b​​est possible educational outcomes for students.

​All school councils in Victoria operate under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

School councils have three main responsibilities:

  • finance: overseeing the development of the school’s annual budget and ensuring proper records are kept of the school’s financial operation
  • strategic planning: participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan
  • policy development and review: developing, reviewing and updating policies that reflect a school’s values and support the school’s broad direction outlined in its strategic plan.

Other key functions of school councils include:

  • raising funds for school related purposes
  • maintaining school grounds and facilities
  • entering into contracts
  • reporting annually to the school community and the Department
  • creating interest in the school in the wider community
  • representing and taking the views of the community into account
  • regulating and facilitating after-hours use of school premises and grounds
  • operating a children’s service at the school.

The school council is comprised of parents, teachers, the Principal and community representatives. School councillors nominate for the various sub-committees, which report back to council. The three sub-committees are Finance, Education (formerly Engagement and Wellbeing) and Buildings and Grounds.

The term of office for school councillors is two years with elections held each February/March. The School Council and Finance sub-committee usually meet monthly, with the other sub-committees meeting each term. All parents are encouraged to consider nominating for Council vacancies, or attending sub-committee meetings.

2023 School Council President: Matt Hall


Parent Electorate:
Kate Ashdown

James Goode

Matthew Hall

Grace Kelly

Christina Smith (Community Member - Parents Group)



Dept of Education Electorate:

Jo Braden

Jacqui Purcell

Kathy Verbi


Executive Officer: Principal - Kim Dray


Standing Orders for Laburnum Primary School Council


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