Dear Parents,
Laburnum Primary School is looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning and, in preparation for that, advises you of our parent payment arrangements for 2021.


Each year School Council determines the following year’s cash budget by considering teaching and learning programs and the key improvement areas in the School Strategic Plan. Please find the fee schedule for Year Prep attached. Please complete this form and return to the school by 03 December 2020 so the school can prepare for the 2021 school year. Laburnum Primary School makes every effort to keep the cost of items and activities to a minimum and ensure teaching and learning opportunities are affordable for all students.


Laburnum Primary School has a tradition of offering our students a rich learning program. Your payment of the School Council levies ensures the continued delivery of high quality programs in classrooms and specialist areas. Due to Remote Learning during 2020, the 2021 cost of bulk classroom consumables has been reduced, as students can use some existing supplies next year. Essential online resources are included for 2021, as per new DET guidelines.


We are always grateful for the additional support parents provide by volunteering their time and efforts and conducting important fundraising, which has resulted in exceptional resources for our students.


Funding to meet the school’s budget comes from three sources:

  1. DET (Department of Education and Training) Student Resource Package
  2. Parent contributions to the School Council levies through the payment of Essential Items, Additional Programs and  Voluntary Contributions, including the Tax Deductible Building Fund
  3. Local fundraising, including a valued contribution from our Parents Group through fundraising.

The DET Student Resource Package meets salaries and most operational costs of running the school; see charts below. It does not, however, meet all the cost of materials or the enriched learning programs that we offer in Literacy Intervention, Music, Visual Arts, Languages (Spanish), Library and Physical Education. It is also insufficient to meet the planned maintenance of, and improvements to, buildings and grounds. The school relies heavily upon parent financial contributions to meet the difference between funds from the Student Resource Package and our budgeted expenditure each year.


In the past few years, Parent Contributions and local fundraising funds provided:

  • Purchase & fit out of the new LAB building
  • Fencing around the new deck of LAB building
  • Student toilet upgrades
  • New student furniture in Year 1, 4 & 5.
  • Annual upgrade of students’ personal computers
  • Painting and upgrade of play equipment
  • New play equipment, synthetic play surfaces and ongoing mulching around playgrounds
  • New carpet to five classrooms
  • Ongoing gutter cleaning/replacement
  • New LED lights to two classrooms
  • Continuous improvements to exit/security lighting



Financial Support for Families
Laburnum Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:

  • the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
  • Second hand Uniform Shop
  • State Schools Relief Committee

For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, contact:
Sonya Edwards, Business Manager
Ph: 03 9898 5811 | Email:


Payment Methods

Refer to Parent Payment Arrangements on page 5.

Payment can be made with Credit Card, via BPay or Direct Deposit. Please email your child’s paperwork to the school email at Payments are due by Thursday 03 December 2020


Fee Schedule

Refer to Fee Schedule on pages 3 & 4.


Please note; each Year Level has a different Fee Schedule so it is important to use the correct one for each child.


Parent Payment Policy
Refer to DET Parent Payment Policy Overview – Available on School Website


Refunds and DET Policy
Refer to Refund Policy – Available on School Website


Collection Date for Stationery Starter Packs

Week starting Monday 7th December. More information to come via LPS eNews closer to the date.

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning.
Yours sincerely,


Dr Kim Dray            Michael Johnson
Principal                  School Council President








Please find the itemised list of Essential Student Learning Items and Optional Items for your child. Laburnum
Primary School also continues to welcome your voluntary contributions for 2021.


Please complete this form and return to the school by 3 December 2020 so the school can prepare for the
2021 school year accordingly.


FAMILY NAME: __________________________________ DATE: ________________


STUDENT NAME:_______________________________________________________



Essential Student Learning Items


Below is a list of items and activities, which are essential for your child to learn the standard curriculum. You
may choose to purchase these items through the school or provide your own. Please indicate which items you
would like to purchase through the school on the table below:



Essential Student Learning Items Amount

Classroom Requisites

Classroom consumables purchased in bulk, including take home items and online resources for English and Mathematics.


Specialist supplies: Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Music and Library

Including (but not limited to) learning journals, scrapbooks, resources, paper, clay, textiles, paint.



Including (but not limited to) Inquiry Learning, S.T.E.M., English sight words, consumables for science/cooking, Visual Arts materials that are taken home.


Stationery Starter Pack, per student [COLLECTED BY STUDENTS]

May include (but not limited to) marker pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, pens, glue, pencil case, home reading journal diary, hand writing books, scrapbooks, scissors, document folder, highlighters, repositionable notes and display book.


Technologies, per student

The school provides technology experiences for students, additional technical support, Wi-Fi infrastructure, internet services, 2 and 3D printing, data projectors and ongoing staff development.

Year 1

Large screens, including plasma and IWBs, are complemented by iPads and/or PCs with educational software. Students use the BeeBot devices to learn initial coding skills. Introductory cyber safety lessons are taught.

TOTAL (please transfer this amount to Essential Student Learning items on page 5) $313.85


Optional Items
Laburnum Primary School offers optional items and activities that are additional to the delivery of the standard curriculum. These are designed to enrich the school experience for your child. If you would like to purchase an item or activity for your child, please indicate in the table below and ‘Optional Items’ on page 5.


Optional Items Amount Amount Paid
Additional Programs - School Council asks parents to make this contribution to support the school’s provision of some programs including school presentations, concerts and basic maintenance of our school environment, which are not covered by other funding (e.g. fixed sports equipment, playgrounds, sports fields, landscaping). $90.00  
School Photos - School photos are generally taken towards the end of Term 1. To be advised To be advised
PE Equipment – Sports equipment (including but not limited to) sporting balls, racquets, nets, bats, gym mats and sports uniforms. $4.50  
Instrumental Music Lessons Years 1 - 6 – This fee provides support that is required from the school by Music tutors, for Gala and ensemble concerts, sheet music and piano tuning. This fee is NOT for individual lessons; they will be invoiced directly to parents by their Music tutors. $5.60  
TOTAL (please transfer this amount paid to Optional Items on page 5) $100.10  


Voluntary Contributions
Laburnum Primary School continues to welcome your voluntary contributions to support our school. You can make a general voluntary contribution that go towards all of our priorities for 2021, as well as providing additional activities and services for all students. Alternatively, you can make a voluntary contribution to any of the specific priorities outlined in the table below:


Voluntary Contributions Tax deductible Suggested Voluntary Contribution per family (please circle or nominate other amount) Other amount Amount paid
First Aid ($5.00 recommended in 2020 per student) Includes provision of supplies, e.g. band aids, school epipens, first aid kits, defibrillator supplies, generic Ventolin & spacers No $4      $5      $6    
Grounds Maintenance ($60.00 recommended in 2020 per family) To provide regular maintenance of school grounds & meet safety standards, including annual inspections. The Government provides some funding to address urgent works & essential items. Any shortfalls are met by locally raised funds. Families are encouraged to contribute. No $55      $60      $65    
Building Fund ($135.00 recommended in 2020 per family) Tax Deductible Donation Unlike other school levies, the building fund levy is a tax-deductible donation for families. The building fund levy can only be spent on new capital expenditure and maintenance of buildings and building fixtures. Your contribution enables us to meet essential, short-term needs and costly upgrades to our school buildings. Yes $120      $135      $150    
TOTAL (please transfer this amount paid to Voluntary Financial Contributions on page 5)       $


Your child will not be disadvantaged if you do not make a voluntary contribution. All records of voluntary contributions are kept confidential, as well as your decision about whether to make a contribution or not.


STUDENT NAME:_______________________________________________________


Parent Payment 2021 – Summary
Essential Student Learning Items (from page 3)                                                                          Amount: ____________


Optional Items (from page 4)                                                                                                    Amount: ____________


Voluntary Financial Contributions (from page 4)                                                                          Amount: ____________


  PARENT PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS                                                                            TOTAL AMOUNT $


Please indicate your preferred method of payment:


Option A (full amount by 3 December 2020)                                                          


Option B (half payment 3 Dec 2020 & balance 12 Feb 2021)              


Option C (other payment arrangements)*                                        
* If selecting Option C please make an appointment with the school’s Business Manager, Sonya Edwards, to discuss your circumstances and the available options


Payment methods:

 Cash Brought to school by student & given to their classroom teacher. Please include or email your completed Fee Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to the Office at 
 Cheque Make payable to Laburnum Primary School. Please include or email your completed Fee Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to the Office at 
 EFTPOS To be advised
 CREDIT CARD Complete credit card slip on page 6 or contact school office on 9898 5811.
Please include family name in the description & email your completed Fee Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to the Office at 
 BPay BPay details are on your family’s school statement
Please include family name in the description & email your completed Fee Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to the Office at 
 Direct Deposit Laburnum Primary School
BSB: 063107
Account: 10020405
Please include family name in the description & email your completed Fee Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to the Office at 




                                                        Mastercard                   Visa


 Please charge my Credit Card $ _________________


 Full Card Number:


 Expiry Date: ________________ CVC: __________________


 Cardholder Name: __________________________________________________________________


 Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________________________________


 Date: ___________________


 Cardholder’s Contact Numbers:________________________________________________________

 FAMILY NAME: ________________________________________________________


 STUDENT NAME:_______________________________________________________


 2020 PRESENT HOME GROUP: ____________________________________________










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