Student Leadership Policy

Every child has the potential to be a leader, as well as a choice in whether to pursue this potential. The school has a commitment to encouraging and developing leadership qualities in all our students by providing a range of formal and informal opportunities to fulfill their leadership aspirations. 

Classroom programs use the school vision and values to establish a positive classroom environment.  These values are used as the basis of selection for LPS student leadership roles.

Students are encouraged to nominate for the different formal student leadership roles across the school.  These offer students opportunities to develop confidence and independence and to experience risk-taking in a supported environment.


  • To provide a student leadership process in Year 5 for Year 6 that is for students, about students and encourages input from students
  • To develop personal and social capability in students
  • To develop leadership capacity in students
  • To provide students with leadership opportunities in a range of different school-based roles

  • Teaching, assessment and reporting of the Victorian personal and social capability curriculum will be a foundation of educational programs from Prep to Year 6.
  • Opportunities for student leadership roles will be available to all students across all levels of the school, e.g. class monitors, Junior School Council, Green Team and Peer Mediators
  • Teachers will determine the distribution of leadership roles within their classrooms, e.g. monitors.
  • Year 6 leadership roles may differ from year to year, depending on the school’s focus areas and student interests.
  • There is a selection process for formal student leadership positions (captaincy positions in Year 6). These could include School, House, Library, STEM, Wellbeing, Music, Spanish, Art and Green Team Captains.
    In addition, other Year 6 leadership roles could include Concert Band Leader, JSC Representatives and Green Team Members.
  • The Year 6 Student Leadership process begins in Year 5 and is managed by a team of LPS staff.
  • Student leaders are expected to be diligent role models of the school’s vision of Learn, Thrive, Contribute and exemplify the School Values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience and Curiosity.
  • As part of the student leadership process, the Principal endorses or makes the final decision in the selection/appointment of Year 6 student leaders.
  • Year 6 Captains, JSC leaders, Peer Mediators and Green Team are presented with their badges at Assembly. Parents will be informed via eNews when specific badge ceremonies are scheduled.
  • Student leaders are encouraged to wear their badge as part of their school uniform.

Staff will evaluate this policy through feedback from teachers, parents and students as part of the school’s cycle of policy reviews.


 This policy was last endorsed by School Council in:  September 2020


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