Learning from Home

27 March 2020

Dear Parents,

The school is now fully closed for the Term 1 vacation break.

I want to reassure you that our teachers have been working very hard to prepare for the possibility of Learning from Home. Their professionalism and dedication, as we prepare for something we have never done before, has been inspiring.

If we need to move into Learning from Home, you will be sent the following information:

  • DET guidelines on the amount and type of tasks we will provide
  • Passwords for online learning resources
  • Teacher-prepared tasks for each week, accessed via our website
  • Articles and resources to help parents through this time

Please note that we understand that families will vary in regards to available technology/devices and parent support for learning tasks. We do not expect parents to be teachers and have factored these considerations into our planning. Some children will complete all tasks, while others may not.

We will see what the coming weeks bring. In the meantime, I hope all families have a safe holiday.


24 March 2020


Dear Parents,


Learning from Home


This message is also available on our website Home Page, https://www.laburnumps.vic.edu.au/, to provide a translation option for families.


As you are aware, the Term 1 school holidays have been moved forward, and started today.


Students are currently on holidays, so they do not need to be doing any school work. At the moment, all students will be expected to attend school from the start of Term 2 on Wednesday 15 April.


Teachers have been given time this week and on Tuesday 14 April to plan and organise Learning from Home, in case schools need to move to remote and flexible learning arrangements after the term break. If this happens, we will provide further advice for parents. No decision has yet been made about this possibility.


Teachers have ensured that students have stationery, books etc. to use at home in the event that they may start Learning from Home at some time after the break. Please keep these materials in a safe place until they are needed.


I will continue to keep parents updated. Thank you for your support and patience.


Kind regards,

Kim Dray


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