Parent Payment Arrangements - Year 2 2024

Parents should be aware that the Department of Education and Training has changed the receipting process for Parent Payments; please ensure you retain your receipt for future reference.




Dear Parents/carers,


Laburnum Primary School advises you of our Parent Payment arrangements for 2024.


Please find attached the schedule for Year 2. Please complete this form and return it to the school by 1 December 2023, so the school can order items needed for your child’s learning next year.


Each year, School Council determines the following year’s cash budget by considering teaching and learning programs and the key improvement areas in the School Strategic Plan.


Our outstanding academic results in English and Mathematics have been achieved through effective resourcing of these key learning areas. Laburnum Primary School makes every effort to keep Parent Payments affordable for all families.


Funding to meet the school’s budget comes from three sources:

  1. DET (Department of Education and Training) Student Resource Package
  2. Parent Payments, through Voluntary Contributions, including the Tax-Deductible Building Fund and Curriculum Contributions
  3. Local fundraising, including a valued contribution from our Parents Group through fundraising.

The DET Student Resource Package meets salaries and most operational costs of running the school. It does not, however, meet all the cost of materials or the enriched learning programs that we offer. Although government schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum, the ongoing support of our families ensures that we can offer the best possible education and support for our students.



The school relies heavily upon Voluntary parent financial contributions to meet the difference between funds from the Student Resource Package and our budgeted expenditure each year. Parent Contributions and local fundraising also allow us to fully fund the maintenance of, and improvements to, buildings and grounds, such as the Junior School playground redevelopment.



Financial Support for Families


Laburnum Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:

• the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (see School Website Home Page for this link)
• Second-hand Uniform Shop
• State Schools Relief Committee
• Payment plans for Extracurricular Items and Activities


For a confidential discussion about accessing these supports, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, contact:

Sonya Edwards, Business Manager
Ph: 03 9898 5811 | Email: 


Payment Methods

Refer to Fee Schedule on pages 3 & 4.


Refer to Refund Policy – Available on School Website

For further information on the Department’s Parent Payment Policy, please see a one-page overview attached, and on the school website.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Matthew Hall                          Dr Kim Dray
School Council President              Principal


Please note: each Year Level has a different Contribution Schedule, so it is important to use the correct one for each child.


Contribution schedule – Year 2 2024


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Please find below an itemised list of:

  • Curriculum Contributions, that are Core Student Learning Items for 2024
  • Other Contributions.

Laburnum Primary School also welcomes your Tax-Deductible Donation for 2024.


Please complete this form and return to the school by 1 December 2023, so the school can prepare for the 2024 school year accordingly.


Year 2 2024 Parent Payment Form (Click here for writable PDF)

[For families requiring translation, this Parent Payment form is also listed below]


FAMILY NAME: _______________________________________________

STUDENT NAME: _______________________________________________



Curriculum Contributions (previously ‘Essential Items’) - items and activities that students use, or participate in, to access the Curriculum Amount

Year 2 classroom consumables, materials & equipment

  • Curriculum Consumables [ALL DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO CLASSROOMS IN BULK]                                                             $101.31  Including (but not limited to) Inquiry Learning, S.T.E.M., sight words resources, Visual Arts materials that are taken home.    
  • Specialist supplies: Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Music and Library                                                                                     $25.88   Including (but not limited to) learning journals, scrapbooks, resources, paper, clay, textiles, paint.    
  • Stationery Starter Pack, per student [COLLECTED BY STUDENTS]                                                                                              $72.76  May include (but not limited to) Tri jumbo pencils, colour markers, tri-grip-jumbo-couloured pencils, display folder, twist crayons, whiteboard marker, pencil sharpener, glue stick, mesh pouch, highlighter, display book, project book, scrapbooks,writing books, exercise book, reading journal.    


Year 2 Online Subscriptions and  learning programs
  • Bug Club, Epic, Sunshine Books, StoryBox Library, ClickView, essential Assesment
  • Evolve eSafety program and typing program.

Year 2 ICT Devices

The school provides technology experiences for students, additional technical support, Wi-Fi infrastructure, internet services, 2 and 3D printing, data projectors and ongoing staff development. Replacement of class whiteboards with Plasma screens is funded also through this payment.

Year 2 - Introduction to Windows, file management and peripherals

Students use a range of platforms, including plasma screens, to explore educational software, keyboarding and printing. A typing software subscription supports student digital participation, including with NAPLAN. eSafety and coding skills are included.

Swimming  -  Note please: “arrangements yet to be finalised’ TBA
Other Contributions – previously for non-curriculum items and activities Amount
Additional Programs - School Council asks parents to make this contribution to support the school’s provision of some programs including school presentations, concerts and maintenance of our school environment, which are not covered by other funding (e.g. fixed sports equipment, playgrounds, sports fields, landscaping).  $90.00
PE Equipment - Sports equipment for use in classroom and breaks (including but not limited to) sporting balls, racquets, nets, bats. This is kept in each classroom, separate to the P.E. program equipment.  $4.50
Student Wellbeing programs - e.g. Life Education, Interrelate TBA
First Aid Equipment - Includes provision of supplies, e.g. band aids, school EpiPens, first aid kits, defibrillator supplies, generic Ventolin & spacers.  $5.00
School Grounds (Maintenance and Improvements) - for regular maintenance of school grounds & to meet safety standards, including annual inspections. The Government provides some funding to address urgent works & essential items. Any shortfalls are met by locally raised funds. Families are encouraged to contribute, especially as Working Bees have become unviable.  $65.00
Other optional excursions/incursions - yet to be scheduled  TBA, each term
Tax-deductible contributions

Building fund - A tax-deductible contribution to support renovations, upgrades, and maintenance of school infrastructure. This work is not part of the upcoming $8.755 million rebuilding program.

The building fund levy can only be spent on new capital expenditure and maintenance of buildings and building fixtures. Your contribution enables us to meet essential, short-term needs and costly upgrades to our school buildings, (suggested $135.00).

Total Amount  $


Education Items for students to own:
LPS offers families the Stationery Starter Pack (above), so that all students have the same essential items needed for learning.
If your family chooses to purchase your child’s Stationery Pack elsewhere, please contact the office for a list of these essential items. As other Curriculum Consumables and Specialist Supplies are purchased in bulk by the school, these items are separately listed for payment above in the Curriculum Contributions section.


Extra-Curricular Items and Activities - Previously ‘Optional Items’

Laburnum Primary School offers a range of items and activities that enhance or broaden the schooling experience of students and are above and beyond what the school provides in order to deliver the Curriculum. These are provided on a user-pays basis.


The cost of extra-curricular items and activities will be advised throughout the year.

Extra-Curricular Items and Activities Amount Purchase 
School photos TBA  
Music Tuition TBA (via tutor)  
Total Extra-Curricular Items and Activities  $




Curriculum Contributions – previously ‘Essential Items’  $
Other Contributions – previously ‘Voluntary  Contributions’  $
Extra-Curricular Items and Activities  $



Please indicate your Parent Payment arrangements on the table below and return this to the school by 1 December 2023.


FAMILY NAME: ________________________________________________________
STUDENT NAME: _______________________________________ 2023 CURRENT CLASS:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________





PARENT PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS                                                    Total Amount  $


Please indicate your preferred method of payment:


 Option A    (full amount by 1 December 2023)
 Option B    (half payment by 1 Dec & balance 9 Feb 2024)
 Option C    (other payment arrangements)*


* If selecting Option C please make an appointment with the school’s Business Manager, Sonya Edwards.



Please include family name in the description & email your completed Contribution Schedule form (pages 3, 4, 5 & 6) to the Office at


Payment methods:

BPay (prefered method) BPay details, these can be found on your school statement or please contact the school office by email or phone 9898 5811.
Direct Deposit

Laburnum Primary School

BSB:       063107                 Account: 10020405

Please include family name in the description & email your completed Contribution Schedule form (pages 3, 4, 5 & 6) to the school office at


Brought to school by student & given to their classroom teacher. Please include or email your completed Contribution Schedule form (pages 3, 4 & 5) to

EFTPOS Available at the school office.  Please bring your completed Contribution Schedule form (pages 3, 4, 5 & 6)
Credit Card 

Complete credit card slip below or contact school office on 9898 5811. 

Please include family name in the description & email your completed Contribution Schedule form (pages 3, 4, 5 & 6) to the Office at





Mastercard                 Visa                Please charge my Credit Card $ _________________    

Full Card Number: ________________/________________/_________________/_________________


Expiry Date:   ____ /____          CVC: __ __ __         Date: _______________


CONTACT NUMBER: ______________________


Cardholder Name: ________________________________________________________________________   

Cardholder Signature: _____________________________________________________________________ 

FAMILY NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________

STUDENT NAME: _________________________________________________________________________

2023 CURRENT CLASS:  ___________________________________________________________________








  • Schools provide students with free instruction and ensure students have free access to all items, activities and services that are used by the school to fulfil the standard curriculum requirements in Victorian Curriculum F-10, VCE and VCAL.
  • Schools may invite parents to make a financial contribution to support the school.


Schools can request contributions from parents under three categories:


Curriculum Contributions
Voluntary financial contributions for curriculum items and activities which the school deems necessary for students to learn the Curriculum.
Other Contributions
Voluntary financial contributions for non-curriculum items and activities that relate to the school’s functions and objectives.
Extra-Curricular Items and Activities
Items and activities that enhance or broaden the schooling experience of students and are above and beyond what the school provides for free to deliver the Curriculum. These are provided on a user-pays basis.
  • Schools may also invite parents to supply or purchase educational items to use and own (e.g. textbooks, stationery, digital devices).


  • Schools put in place financial hardship arrangements to support families who cannot pay for items or activities so that their child doesn’t miss out.
  • Schools have a nominated parent payment contact person(s) that parents can have a confidential discussion with regarding financial hardship arrangements.


  • Schools must obtain school council approval for their parent payment arrangements and publish all requests and communications for each year level on their school website for transparency.


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