eNews 25 June

This eNews is published to advise families of some updates before the holidays. Unfortunately, there has not been any new advice about school arrangements for next term, so we can only work with what we know at the moment.


Our LPS Learning from Home Experience survey will be emailed to families during the break. After you open the link, the survey is available in 27 LPS community languages. Each family will receive one link, emailed to the main parent contact listed with the school. We’d love every family to take up this feedback opportunity so we get a full picture to inform our next steps, if required.


Whilst planning for school to resume as usual after the break, we’re also preparing for various scenarios, just in case. Your child will bring home some passwords this week and we’re constructing a LFH passwords page with supporting information. As schools are still limiting the shared use of resources, teachers are introducing Bug Club Digital & Rapid Readers for next term's home reading, to supplement the other great resources used during LFH.

Families who have borrowed school computers or iPads were due to return these on 13 July. We are happy to extend the loan agreement to at least 1 August, as students may need these devices at home for a little while longer. If you still need to borrow a device, please email laburnum.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au with DEVICE in the subject line.


As planned for LFH, Years 3 - 6 have also been exploring ClickView, which can be used at school, or for homework or remote learning. This program will particularly enrich our inquiry, Maths and English programs, using educational videos and interactive learning tasks with sharing and assessment options. More information will follow, but please let your children enjoy their break in the meantime!


Some families have already discovered that Sentral has greatly improved the Sentral Parent App. It offers much more now, such as registering student absences from your phone. We were playing with the Parent-teacher Meetings feature last weekend and some of you noticed, jumped on and cheekily booked. Nice try, but not yet! Jodie has removed those bookings – we’ll let you know when the actual bookings will open, early next term. In the meantime, please reinstall the App to access the new features and let us know what you think. As Skoolbag is no longer being used, you won’t need that app for LPS any more.

A huge thank you to the parents who made our day on Monday after organising this banner at the Pakenham St entrance. What a generous way to model the kindness and gratitude that we want LPS children to emulate and share. Our staff were completely re-energised as a result of your thoughtful surprise. We are all looking forward to a well-deserved break and appreciate this lovely message.




Finally, thank you for your patience and understanding this term, as well as your cooperation with our staggered arrangements. As we head into more family time, parents might like to read this article from Parenting Ideas: Collaborative parenting style wins the day during COVID-19. 

Let’s all help reduce the spread of Coronavirus by staying socially distanced, downloading the Coronavirus App and really thinking about what we do over the holidays, so that we all remain safe.


If there are any urgent updates to school arrangements over the break, we’ll email. Otherwise, we'll see you all on Monday 13 July for a staggered start to Term 3, using the same times with A - L and M - Z groups.




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