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18 February 2021


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Principal's Message

We are very grateful to all our parents for making a rapid pivot this week to support your children's learning continuity at home. With the snap Circuit Breaker Lockdown, we certainly appreciate everyone's efforts. Of course, the students just bounced back into school this morning!

Our cover and some of our eNews pages show photos of our Year 5 students enjoying their first LPS camp. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, especially organisers Kathy Dedes and Blake Herreen. 

Last week, we also welcomed Paul Hamer, M.P. to distribute Prep bags with School Council President Michael Johnson. This year, the Prep bags contained four books for each child. As you can see in the photo above, they were excitedly received. 

Thank you to all those parents who made time for Parent Information sessions this week. This was an opportunity to understand what is happening in Prep, Junior School, Middle School or Senior School. Presentations will all be found on the Sentral Parent Portal tomorrow.

Meet the Teacher meetings next week offer an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and share important information about your child.

The Parent Information Evenings this week were the first of our ‘formal’ meetings with, and reports to, parents.  We arrange these so there is at least one scheduled opportunity every term to know how your child is progressing and the next steps in their learning, as follows:

  • Term 1 Information Sessions (Week 4).
  • Term 1 Meet the Teacher (Week 5)
  • Term 2 and 4: Semester reports are sent home at the end of these terms.
  • Early Term 3: parent teacher meetings are held again. Parents will be advised of actual dates.

Additionally, parents of children with special needs or short-term challenges can expect:

  • Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), which are updated every five weeks if needed; or
  • Behaviour Support Plans (BSPs), which are reviewed each term.

We also offer Student Support Group meetings once each term for some families whose children have complex needs or Attendance concerns.

If you have questions or concerns at any other time, please feel welcome to contact the most appropriate staff member:

  • To discuss your child’s learning, behaviour, social or personal needs, please contact their classroom teacher first. The PLC Leader can also be involved in these discussions.
  • For more serious issues regarding your child’s learning, safety or wellbeing, and after speaking with their teacher, please contact the PLC Leader or one of our Leading Teachers/Learning Specialists (Mandy, Glenda, Jacqui or Narelle).
  • If these steps do not resolve your concerns or questions, or for matters concerning the operation of the school, please contact Kathy Verbi, Jo Braden or me.

To arrange a meeting or conversation with your child’s teacher, or appointments with other staff, please email the teacher via their Sentral mailbox, the school at laburnum.ps@education.vic.gov.au, or phone our office. 

As your child’s teacher is working with children for most of their day, email response times can be typically 24 - 48 hours. The secure school email address laburnum.ps@education.vic.gov.au is checked several times daily and important or urgent messages are conveyed to teachers. If your child’s teacher is absent on a day you email the school, messages can be passed onto the replacement teacher or PLC Leader if needed. Please do not send urgent messages to Sentral teacher mailboxes.

Our main tools for communication, as per School Council's Communication strategy,  are LPS eNews (the school newsletter), our comprehensive LPS school website and Sentral Parent Portal for important messages or documents. In 2020, we transferred important school information to the website, where it can be translated into other languages and also read on your mobile phone.

In particular, LPS eNews is an essential communication tool and delivered to your email inbox every fortnight. Please read it so that you can be fully informed, or send us your child's significant achievements for our Superstars page.

Our Learning Management System, Sentral, contains documents and tools for parents, including teacher mailboxes and Parents Group meeting minutes. It is also used to record student absences and publish student reports.

Relevant school policies are uploaded to the website as they are ratified or endorsed by School Council and can be accessed on the website under ‘Our School’.

Finally, Kathy, Jo and I are always available to meet with you or discuss concerns; please call our office so we can set aside uninterrupted time for you.

Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 

School Council Update

Dear LPS Community,

Welcome to 2021 at LPS and welcome to LPS for the first time to our new families.  Wasn’t it wonderful to be able to walk through the school gates a couple of weeks ago for the first time in almost 12 months and sense the excitement and anticipation of a new school year?

As I write this we are stuck in our “Circuit Breaker” lockdown, which will hopefully only be short lived given the many exciting events on the horizon. Despite this, I know that our school and community is as well prepared as can be for whatever eventuates over 2021.

The school council and its sub-committees (Finance, Engagement & Wellbeing and Buildings & Grounds) play a key role to ensure LPS is able to provide the best possible educational outcomes for our students. Parents Group is also a vital part of our school community, representing our families, undertaking valuable fundraising initiatives to support school projects while also organising some memorable social events!

I would encourage anybody interested in making a positive contribution to the LPS community to consider joining council, a sub-committee or Parents Group in 2021. School council elections will be held this term, with more information in this newsletter. Our Annual General Meeting follows in April. 

Click here for details about the LPS School Council, and a full list of our school councillors. More information on the role of school councils can also be found on the department website here.

Lastly, as I looked back on the challenging year in 2020 was for us all, I was reminded that it was the understanding, support and positive contribution from the overwhelming majority of our LPS community that ensured our children could still Learn, Thrive and Contribute. I hope to see this continue in 2021 and look forward to providing further updates on the happenings of school council over the coming months.


Michael Johnson
School Council President

Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute

2021 School Council Elections

Schedule 4: Notice of Election and Call for Nominations

An election is to be conducted for members of the School Council of Laburnum Primary School.

Nomination forms may be obtained from the school from Friday 26 February 2021 and completed nomination forms must be lodged at the office by 3.00 pm on Friday 5 March 2021. Please call or email the office if you would like a nomination form emailed to you, or we can send one home with your eldest child.

Following the closing of nominations, a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows:




Parent member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2021

to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2023



DET employee member

From the day after the date of the declaration of the poll in 2021

to and inclusive of the date of the declaration of the poll in 2023



If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted at the main door to the school.



Notice of election and call for nominations

by Friday 26 February 2021


Closing date for nominations

3:00 p.m. on
Friday 5 March 2021


Date by which the list of candidates and nominators will be posted

Tuesday 9 March 2021


Date by which ballot papers will be prepared and distributed (if required)

On or before  
Monday 15 March 2021


Close of ballot (if required)

3:00 p.m. on
Monday 22 March 2021


Vote count (if required)

On or before Wednesday 24 March 2021


Declaration of poll

On or before  
Thursday 25 March 2021


First council meeting to elect office bearers and community member (the principal will preside)

On or before
Tuesday 27 April 2021

Kim Dray

Are you interested in joining our School Council?

Each year in February/March, an election is conducted for members of the School Council for Laburnum Primary School. All government schools in Victoria have a School Council; a legally formed body that sets the key directions of the school within clear DET guidelines.

There are three possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected parent category. Potential and retiring councillors can be nominated.
  • A mandated elected Department of Education and Training (DET) employee category.
  • An optional community member category. Our community member is currently a Parents Group representative.

The term of office for councillors is usually two years. Some members retire each year and this creates vacancies for the annual School Council elections. 

At this time, we thank our retiring councillors for their contributions to improving LPS during most unusual times in 2020. As part of the governance role, School Council launched the LPS Community Engagement Strategy and the school began implementing new platforms to deliver our Communications Strategy

If you have a desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future, and positively contribute in ways that reflect the best interests of all students, please consider nominating.

If you require further information about School Council or the process for filling vacancies, please contact the school.


Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute

What's Happening?

From the Assistant Principals, Kathy and Jo

Parents are encouraged to read our 'A - Z of Useful Information for Parents'. Also found under the website 'Community' tab/Starting at Laburnum, this handbook contains all the essential information about our school that parents may need. It was last updated on 1 February 2021.

Some important reminders in this document include DET information which schools must convey to parents each year, as well as school-based information, such as:

  • Parking 
    This section provides details about parking and signage around the school that is in place to maximise safety. It includes the following:

    Please observe all parking restrictions and obey traffic rules when dropping off and picking up your child. These are in place to maximise safety for everyone, including our students.

    Janet St has parking restrictions and areas where cars cannot be left unattended during certain times.

    There is a ‘2 minute parking’ zone located off Pakenham St. Please be aware that this area is for drop off or pick up only. Please do not park in the drive through area (there is parking available at the Bowls Club if you need to wait or leave your car).

    Please ensure that traffic can keep moving in these areas and teach your child the safest way to enter and exit the car, from the passenger (not driver) side of the vehicle. 

  • Ambulance Cover                                                                           

    It is strongly recommended that families take out Ambulance Cover. If a child requires urgent medical care, an ambulance will be called, irrespective of whether they are insured or not. The Department of Education and Training advises the following:

    • parents/guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs; and
    • parents/guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers.

  • Attendance and Absences
    This section provides information on the school's legal responsibility to promote and check student attendance. It includes the following, which is relevant to families whose children attend regular specialist appointments:

    In the event that a child needs to attend regular appointments during school time, parents should email the Principal to seek approval.

  • Personal Property
    The Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. We therefore regret that we are unable to take any responsibility for lost, damaged or missing items, nor follow up such instances.

    Please encourage your child to leave valuables or ‘special’ items at home.

  • Playground Supervision
    Supervision of the playground before school begins at 8.45 am and finishes after school at 3.45 pm.
    Students should not arrive at school before 8.45 am and they need to be collected by 3.45 pm, unless attending OSHClub.


    Teachers are on Yard Duty in the playground before school from 8:45 - 9:00 am and after school from 3:30 - 3:45 pm. If a child arrives at school before 8.45 am or has not been collected by the 3:45 pm bell, they will be brought to the office, then placed in the Before/After School Care program. There is a charge for this facility.

    At recess and lunchtime there are always teachers in the yard to supervise the children’s play. 

Thanks to those parents who provided input on the Bullying Prevention Policy at last term's Engagement and Wellbeing Committee meeting.

Since then, School Council has approved the following policies, which have been uploaded to the school website:



Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 


The Prep students have had an exciting first six days of school!

We are learning all about Laburnum Primary School and the routines of school. Preps have enjoyed making new friends, playing in the Prep Playground and completing many learning tasks.

We read the book, ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’. The Green Sheep left us clues around the school to find him. We visited the Library, Prep Playground, Dr Dray’s office, the First Aid Office and Science LAB. The Preps found the green sheep in our classrooms, learning!


Last week, Paul Hamer M.P. visited the Prep students and gave them their red Starting School bags filled with wonderful books. The students were all very excited to look at the books and resources in their bags. What a wonderful way to begin their learning journey!

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Senior School - Years 5 & 6

Year 5 Camp – Waratah Beach Camp

The Year 5 students were lucky enough to venture to Waratah Bay, towards the East Gippsland region around 2.5 hours away. With over 100 excited students and 11 staff, three bus loads set off after a successful bag drop and send off from families and fellow staff.

After a bus ride watching a movie and a toilet and snack stop we arrived at Waratah Beach Camp. We were welcomed by Luke and the other camp staff. Students quickly navigated themselves with their bunk room, set up their beds and prepared for the activity rotations to begin.

During Monday and Tuesday, students participated in a range of fun and challenging activities. These were operated and supervised by LPS and/or Waratah Beach Camp staff. Some of these included; a giant swing, crate stacking, beach combing and exploring, beach volleyball, low ropes course, trampoline ball games, initiatives course and other physical and team building activities.

The fun didn’t stop at night as the students participated in a range of night time activities. First up was games and storytelling around a campfire and a night walk along the beach. Students used torches to try and spot creatures out and about at dusk. The following evening, students participated in a Waratah Beach Camp disco. There sure were many funky moves from students and staff on display.

While on camp, LPS students and staff were treated to a tasty menu carefully prepared by the chefs. Families would be happy with the fact that students often took up the offer of seconds during each meal. One highlight was when students attempted to catch their second serving of pancakes on the last day. You’ll be pleased to know that there was not a lot of waste and our PE teachers have done their job to help them prepare for the catching. 

On Wednesday, students needed to pack their belongings, tidy their cabin and pass a cleanliness inspection. Once that was done, the campers then walked to the nearby beach to play a number of fun games on the sand. A team building challenge of building the most unique sand castle or creation was run. Here students used anything they could find on the beach. Finally, students had the chance to have some free time on the sandy shores where they could pick from; ball sports, finding shells or making other sand creations. Sadly, we then had to board the bus to head back to LPS.

The staff who attended were extremely proud of the Year 5 students as they all displayed the LPS values whilst on camp; Respect, Integrity, Curiosity and Resilience.

A special thanks to staff who assisted in planning and attending; Narelle S, Jo B, Blake H, Jayde F, Taryn B, Matt A, Jacqui P, Wendy K, Hannah R, Deanna P, Bernadette S and Kathy D.

Year 6 Leadership

On Friday afternoon, we were fortunate that the sun shone and we were able to welcome our parent community to join a special Year 6 Assembly. All Year 6 students received a badge as recognition of their position as role models, who strive to uphold the school values of Curiosity, Respect, Integrity and Resilience.

Last year in Year 5, students nominated their interest in becoming a Captain at LPS for 2021 and participated in a process that involved their peers and members of staff. Congratulations to the students who proudly received Leadership badges in the following positions:

2021 School Captains: 
Jane N, Lucy E, Ethan D, Felix C

2021 House Captains:

   Conder House Captains: Zoe E, Destiny A, Thomas J, James G

   McCubbin House Captains: Zoe K, Angela A, Jacob G, Zaid M

   Roberts House Captains: Matilda B, Suha F, Terence L, Hamish C

   Streeton House Captains: Rachel P, Anushree Y, Shantan R, Eshan

2021 Green Team Captains: Mia F, Adithya A

2021 Library Captains: Talon L, Isaac D, Ethan C, Annabel R, Jocelyn B, Jessica D, Isabel S, Grace Z, Rahul R, Tejal K, Kuhu S, Lincoln N

2021 STEM Captains: Saketh R, Joshua F
2021 Music Captains: Phoebe W, Mia K
2021 Art CaptainsJim C, Aditya A
2021 Spanish Captains: Michael H, Kanishk G
2021 Wellbeing Captains: Brad Z, Lucas R

We look forward to a fabulous 2021 with our Year 6 Leaders.


Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience


Music News

Is your child interested in learning a musical instrument?

The talented music tutors at Laburnum Primary School offer students in years 1 – 6 a variety of instrumental lessons, including violin, piano, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, flute, guitar, saxophone, clarinet and percussion.

All lessons take place at school during the school day and tutors invoice parents directly for payments.

We currently have places for students to learn all instruments, although our piano lessons are almost full.

If your child would like to learn an instrument, please contact Sarah Lienert through the Sentral portal.

Art News

Welcome to Art for 2021! Term 1 is organised for some practical fun again in our beautiful Art room where students will be painting, printmaking, hand building with clay, weaving and making puppets.

Your Art Captains this year are Jim and Aditya. They will be helping to organise Art Club, presenting Art news and awards at assemblies, and encouraging student participation in competitions throughout the year.

Art Club will be held in the Art Room on Thursdays from 11.10 to 11.45.

Years 3, 5 & 6 are welcome on the odd weeks. Prep and Years 1, 2 & 4 are welcome on the even weeks. There will be a table of dates on the Art Notice Board in the hall outside the Art Room and reminder notices on the Art Room door. Each session will include a maximum of 20 students.

This year, as always, it is important that all students have their own smocks for Art lessons, including Year 5 and 6 students who will need old shirts or T shirts to protect their uniforms when painting and printing. Donations of wool and packaging are always appreciated.

The NGV Triennial is currently showing at NGV international, celebrating the work of some of the world’s most accomplished artists and designers. Until April 18th, the show is open daily from 10am to 5pm and entry is free, however, bookings are required. There is something for everyone and it’s a fun educational day for the family.

Moja Moja Life
by Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, is a part of the exhibition designed for the enjoyment of younger children. Among the activities for children at this display, is Piko Piko station, where children can create a puppet show video with Misaki’s puppets using a multimedia interactive featuring six different stories.

The Artist of the Week is Caroline from 1M. Her painting will be displayed this week and next week on the Art Notice Board.


Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience 

Restorative Practices for Parents & Carers

Tuesday 2 March @ 7pm

Via Webex

We welcome Kristy Elliott back to LPS, following a number of staff and student professional learning sessions over the past three years. Kristy will be leading an informative session for parents and carers about the Restorative Practice approach, including how this is used at LPS and how it can be adapted by families for use in the home.

We invite all parents to attend this information session, using the Webex login details below. The session is scheduled to take approximately 45 mins – 1 hour.

Mrs Narelle Sime
Leading Teacher – Wellbeing

Restorative approaches in schools and homes


Kristy Elliott (B.Ed, MC-APP) is an international consultant in the field of Restorative Practices and Positive Education. She has been working with school communities for two decades, assisting them in the implementation of relation-based practices to build and restore communities and support children in their social-emotional development.

Kristy will host a learning session for parents and carers with the aim of developing an understanding of restorative approaches and why we use them in schools.  She will share explicit strategies and tools to work with your children in a positive and relational manner, to build great relationships and use positive discipline measures.

Making mistakes and fixing them up is a core part of the social development of children and contributes to developing resilience. Parents and carers play a vital role in the social development of their children and your support of a consistent approach with the school is important. 

Together we can raise happy, healthy children with high levels of wellbeing, resilience and community engagement.

Webex details:


Meeting number: 165 632 8720

Password: TVaQxP9B6H9


Join by phone

+61-3-8593-9167 Australia Toll (Melbourne)

Access code: 165 632 8720

Contribute: Parents Group & Community News

Parents Group News

Easter Raffle!
The 2021 Super Easter Raffle is almost here! In the next couple of weeks students will receive a flyer and a ticket book attached, to take home and sell. All information about the raffle, including the amazing prizes and dates of the draw, will be on both the tickets and flyer. There are some awesome prizes to be won, and all funds raised go towards our wonderful school.

Entertainment Book
Raise money for the school by purchasing the digital Entertainment Book! 20% of every Entertainment Membership sold goes to the school. With thousands of incredible offers of dining, activities, travel & shopping and loads of 50% off and 2 for 1 deals in Melbourne and across Australia. The membership is instantly available and valid all year. Sign up using the link www.entbook.com.au/185r982.

Joining Parents Group
Do you want to be more involved in the school community? Then come and join Parents’ Group! We are a friendly and supportive group that focus on fundraising and community events that in the past have included the Colour Run, Mother’s Day stall, Father’s Day breakfast, the Fete & Barefoot Bowls (just to name a few!). Past fundraising efforts have helped provide great facilities such as the Laburnum Lab. We'd love new members to join and there is no expectation as to how much time you spend assisting on activities. Join a fantastic group of parents committed to ensuring Laburnum is not just a school, but a community. For more information please email parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com.

The Parents’ Group Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday 3rd March at 7pm (followed by our March meeting at 7.30pm). In an AGM we elect office bearers for the year – all positions are vacant and available. In order for Parents Group to be a constitution we must have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. For any questions or interest please email parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com. Look forward to seeing you there!

Lost Property - an opportunity!

We have LOTS of lost property and most of it is named. It just needs to find its way back to its owner.

Our long-term Lost Property Manager, Bec B, is ready to hand over this wonderful opportunity to new hands. We thank Bec for her years of dedication to reuniting children with their missing belongings. 

If you're willing to spend some time in the office foyer to help out every few weeks, please email our office.


Raising Resilient Kids

A Parents' Building Solutions 6-Week Online Program

Click here to view information


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

If you have a valid means-tested concession card, such as a Veterans Affairs Gold Card, Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible. There is also a special consideration category for asylum seeker and refugee families.

Payment amounts this year are $125 for eligible primary school students. Payments are made direct to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions and sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

If you applied for CSEF through our school last year, you do not need to complete an application form this year, unless there has been a change in your family circumstances. Changes in family circumstances can include: a change of name/card details or a new student has started from the family.

If you would like to apply for the first time, please visit our website and download a form. This link has information regarding the program including eligibility, and information translated into Mandarin.

If you have any questions, please contact the office on (03) 9898 5811, and return completed forms to the office as soon as possible.


Please click on the link here for information on Laburnum Chess Club



Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 

Parenting Ideas: Helping your child become the best student they can be

The new school year is full of excitement and possibility for students and parents. Regardless of how a child or young person has previously performed, this year offers a chance to set a new course.

While it’s tempting as a parent to make the attainment of good academic results the main priority, this is a narrow view that may be incompatible with long-term success. It’s wiser to broaden your view and focus on helping your child or young person become the best student they can be. Here’s how.

Encourage learning
The rapidly changing world and workforce that your child will enter requires that they have a willingness to continually learn and adapt. The concept of a lifelong learner, previously lauded by educators with an eye to the future, has now become a reality. Learning and continual improvement should be embedded in each child’s psyche so that school life is just a starting point to a lifetime of learning, growth and development. Help your child see themselves as successful learners who achieve results through hard work and application, and that nothing is beyond them if they apply themselves.

Promote leadership
Leadership is required in all walks of life including at school, at work, in families and in the wider community. Help your child see themselves as a leader by focusing on personal leadership capacities such as planning ahead, communicating clearly, being accountable for their behaviour, developing emotional awareness and fostering good relationships with siblings and peers. Personal leadership development provides a strong foundation for the development of leadership skills in more public forums in later life.

Applaud independence
The school years are critical for the development of independence, which can easily be closed down by the roadblocks of impatience, overindulgence, fear and lack of time. Alternatively, independence is promoted when we show patience, provide opportunity, display confidence and teach students how.

Embed wellbeing
If there is one difference that modern schooling is making to the next generation, it’s in the leadership they have shown in recent years to the maintenance of mental health and wellbeing practices. Parents can support their child’s long term wellbeing by embedding wellbeing habits, including healthy eating, exercise, sleep, relaxation techniques, regular time in nature, gratitude and mindfulness.

Teach socialisation
If you want your child to be liked by others, it’s essential to spend time and effort developing the skills and attitudes needed to succeed. Develop in them an awareness of how their behaviour impacts on others, instil manners and community-mindedness and develop a broad range of friendship skills that  will assist them to relate well to others.

Foster resilience
2020 showed us life is unpredictable, full of ups and downs, straight balls and curve balls. It’s the unpredictability, the downs and the curve balls  that develop kids’ resilience. How parents and teachers react to the hardships, frustrations and difficulties kids face either hamper or foster resilience. Spoil, overprotect or pamper and growth opportunities are wasted. Support, encourage and teach kids to cope and you’ll be helping them develop a real sense of psychological hardiness and resilience that’s essential for long term happiness and success.

Make this year a memorable one by helping your child grow and develop into the best student they can be. Keep the focus broad and do all you can to ensure that your child sees themselves as a confident and continuous learner.

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.