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Special Edition 4 December 2020


LPS eNews

Special Edition 4 December 2020


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2021 Student Leaders

Congratulations to all those Year 5 students who have participated with such enthusiasm in the Year 6 Student Leadership process.

We are proud to announce the following students have been selected as 2021 captains. They will be presented with their badges at the start of 2021. We are hoping that, by then, we will be able to have a school assembly to celebrate our Year 6 leaders.


2021 School Captains:

Jane N, Lucy E, Ethan D, Felix C

Art Captains:

Jim C, Aditya A

Green Team Captains:

Mia F, Adithya A

Library Captains: 

Talon L, Isaac D, Ethan C, Annabel R, Jocelyn B, Jessica D, Isabel S,

Grace Z, Rahul R, Tejal K, Kuhu S, Lincoln N

Music Captains:

Phoebe W, Mia K

STEM Captains:

Saketh R, Joshua F

Wellbeing Captains:

Brad Z, Lucas R

Conder House Captains:

Zoe E, Destiny A, Thomas J, James G

McCubbin House Captains:

Zoe K, Angela A, Jacob G, Zaid M

Roberts House Captains:

Matilda B, Suha F, Terence L, Hamish C

Streeton House Captains:

Rachel P, Anushree Y, Shantan R, Eshan A

Finally, a huge thank you to Alycia Cook and the Year 5 PLC team for all their efforts in organising the Young Leaders program this term, culminating in this announcement.