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26 November 2020


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The Last Step towards COVID normal at school

Congratulations to everyone at LPS - we made it through restrictions on school arrangements and can now see the end in sight. 

As a result of the changes announced by Premier Andrews on Sunday, we have received a new School Operations Guide. As Victoria moves into the Last Step of the roadmap for reopening, it outlines some important updates that are included in the text below.

Most of the news will be a relief as we move even closer to 'normal' schooling. Parents should be aware that there are still COVID-safe rules in place and contextual differences between different schools due to student (and parent) numbers.

As of Monday 30 November: 
We can cease staggered drop off and pick up arrangements. This means all students will need to arrive between 8:45 am and 9:00 am and go straight to their classrooms. Group 2 M - Z families - remember to set your alarms! The Pakenham St and Blacks Walks gates will be locked at 9:00 am and only the Janet St gate used for school access between 9:00 and 3:30 pm. Pick up time will once again be between 3:30 pm and 3:45 pm, with students attending OSHC after this time.

This will effectively double the number of families arriving and leaving at the same time, so please be patient. To ensure consistency with physical distancing measures, students and families are required to maintain 1.5 metres between each other, especially during drop off and pick up.

Parent numbers in the playground are limited to maintain the density quotient of one per 4m2 applicable to total staff and visitors/parents. Please help us to manage this in the next few weeks, especially until signage arrives.

To support contact tracing, schools must continue to keep a record of all staff, students and visitors who attend on site for more than 15 minutes. Please factor this into your pick up and drop off arrangements to prevent the need to register each visit.

Unfortunately we cannot invite parents into classrooms at the moment due to limits on adult numbers for any inside spaces of 20 people. For our staff as well, there is still a requirement to avoid interactions in enclosed spaces. There will also be signage about limits in the office area, so please maintain current email or phone communication as needed.

We will resume a 'normal' school timetable, with only one lunch and recess break - at last! Students can mix with those from other year levels.

Listed below is a summary of other updated arrangements. In terms of handwashing and sanitising, COVID Safe arrangements still apply, as do the strict conditions in regards to keeping unwell children at home and seeking medical advice.

Thank you to all our families and staff for your patience as we followed essential health and safety measures over the last eight months.

Could all families who borrowed school devices for Learning from Home please return them next week, with bags, chargers and the loan agreement, so we can begin reimaging these.

We will provide further information as we determine how it applies to LPS, including any updates on Transition and Graduation. 



COVIDSafe behaviours

Key actions for Victorian schools

Temperature checks


Face masks

YES (for all people aged 12 years and over, including visitors, face masks must be worn indoors; and outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained)

Create COVIDSafe spaces

Key actions for Victorian schools

Enhanced environmental cleaning


Enhanced hand hygiene facilities

YES (for all students, staff and visitors)

Enhanced ventilation


Community use of school playground

YES (with limits on number of adults in each space - signage expected next week)

Libraries (for borrowing and as a learning space)


Use of taps, including bubblers

YES - children can refill their water bottles from next week. As taps are in high use for handwashing, please continue to pack a full water bottle each day.

Promote COVIDSafe activities

Key actions for Victorian schools


School tours




Camps and overnight stays


Assemblies (whole school and year level)

LIMITED to 150 people in total (staff, students and visitors)  

Graduation ceremonies


Kinder transition program


Year 7 transition programs


Non-contact sports (indoors)


Contact sports (indoors)


Contact sports (outdoors)


Non-contact sports (outdoors)


Interschool and intraschool sports


Singing, brass and woodwind classes and groups


Principal's Message

Semester 2 Student Reports
Our teachers have been preparing Semester 2 reports for their classes. In a similar way to Semester 1, the Department of Education has again modified reporting arrangements for this semester, due to some limitations of remote learning.

In line with this advice, your child's Semester 2 report will contain the following:

Personal and Social Capability
A comment on student participation and engagement in the learning program offered in Semester 2, 2020 with reference to the Personal and Social Capabilities curriculum.

English and Mathematics

  • a short description of what was taught; 
  • the student's achievement against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards in those areas; 
  • progress from the last time that the curriculum area was reported on (for Year 1 - 6 students if they have been in a government school longer than 12 months); and
  • an age-related five-point scale (as usually indicated on LPS reports).

Other curriculum areas

For inquiry areas, teachers will provide a brief description of what was taught, as well as a short comment on your child's learning across the semester.

Attendance summary (as usual)

Reports will be available to download from the Sentral Parent Portal on December 17 or 18.

Families whose children are leaving the school:
Please download all your reports by December 18, as families have no access to LPS Sentral after their children have ceased enrolment.

Update on Remote Learning review               
Parents may recall that our newsletter invited teachers, parents, students and education experts to participate in DET's community consultation process on Remote Learning at the end of Term 2.  A report on Lessons from Term 2 Remote and Flexible Learning is now available and records some of the challenges, and actions put in place since  to address those.

2021 Tutor Learning Program
Families may have heard the government’s announcement regarding the $250 million ‘Tutors in Schools’ program. Schools are currently planning how they will utilise the funding boost.

Our staff Consultative Committee has been discussing this for over a month, as information was gradually made available to schools. The program provides an exceptional opportunity to support students impacted by Remote Learning over the next 6 months.

As mentioned in our last eNews, teachers have identified students for this program and we are currently making staffing arrangements for 2021 to enable implementation.


Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute

What's Happening?

from the Assistant Principals, Kathy and Jo


Our Year 5 students have recently completed the first part of the Young Leaders Program (Personal Leadership). The aim of the program is to develop personal leadership skills where students learn about the mindsets and behaviours that will help them become confident leaders.

They have been busy writing and practising the delivery of their speeches with their peers. We are proud of all our Year 5 students, and you can read more about this on the Senior School page.

As a school, we are pleased that this important element of the Leadership Program has been able to proceed. We have made some adjustments, including presentations this year via Webex.

Student leadership roles available for 2021 will include School, House, STEM, Library, Spanish, Green Team, Art, Music and Wellbeing. As whole school assemblies are not allowed at the moment, we are looking at alternative options to present our 2021 leadership badges. We will confirm this as soon as we can.


Our school-wide 2020-21 Transition Program has also been modified this term. As always, we plan for students to know their new class, teacher and room before the holiday break.

The 2021 Preps have been participating in kinder transition sessions via Webex. It has been great to see so many of them proudly wearing their green LPS Prep t-shirts! Students in Years Prep - 5 will begin transition sessions this week. They will have opportunities to visit new classrooms and mix with different groups of children in their year level.

Transition culminates on Tuesday 15 December with our Prep - Year 5 students spending time in their new classroom and, hopefully, with their 2021 teacher.  We are waiting to hear about the arrangements for our Year 6 students who are heading to government schools in 2021.

As always, we make every endeavour to ensure a smooth transition for all our students. Once again our staff will be participating in a thorough handover of information to 2021 classroom teachers.

Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute


In our Science topic ‘On the Move’, the Prep students are having a lot of fun learning about how different objects move. They have made rolling cars, spinning helicopters and balancing toys! We have also begun learning how to program BeeBots and give them instructions to follow a specific path. 


After exploring the BeeBots, we wrote a recount about our experience. We are learning to edit our writing to have a capital letter at the start of the sentence and a full stop at the end. 

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Senior School - Years 5 & 6

Year 5 Student Leadership

The Year 5 students have been very busy in the last few weeks focusing on their skills for leadership and their transition to Year 6. They have successfully completed their Young Leaders program and are now in the middle of preparing and presenting their speeches.

All students presented a speech for their class and then decided whether they wanted to go for a leadership position for next year. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in each classroom.

We are very proud of all our Year 5 students, as each child wrote an amazing speech and presented in front of their peers this week.

Year 6 Transition

Year 6 students have been busy preparing for their transition to secondary school. This includes a range of in-class transition activities and discussions.

Next week, Year 6 students will be taking part in ‘Step Up Week’ – a Year 7 style program run by the current Year 6 teachers. Students will move around to different classes (History, English, Maths and Performing Arts). 

This program not only helps to build students’ independence, but gives them a chance to spend time with peers from across the year level.

There will still be time for graduation dance practice as part of the program. Preparations for Graduation are in full swing, with lots of input from our students. It’s an exciting time for our students and we are looking forward to sharing these last weeks of primary school with them.

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Contribute: Parents Group & Community News

Parents Group News:

Mango Drive
Due to a late crop this year we have a one week delay in delivery of our mangoes, so we will be getting them in the week of 7 December. Final times and delivery instructions will be communicated via the newsletter and class rep emails when it is confirmed. If you have any questions, please email parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com.

Are you interested in joining Parents' Group in 2021?

We are looking for new mums/dads/carers to join Parents' Group next year! What does Parents' Group do?

  • Organise a variety of social and community events to help build the school community and relationships at our school (for example Barefoot Bowls, Christmas Picnic, Twilight Sports BBQ, Trivia Night, Mother’s Day Stall, Father’s Day breakfast)
  • Organise fundraising events and activities to raise important funds for our school (for example previously we have had the Colour Run, Easter Raffle, Fete)
  • Hear firsthand from our school leadership team & school council any updates and changes to the school and have an opportunity to provide feedback
  • Love having new people join with fresh ideas and input! There is no expectation on members to put all their spare time into activities – you can put as much or as little time in as you like.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. If you are interested, please email parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com.

Uniform Shop News:

Click on these links for Community News or information: 

Click on the OSHClub logo (left) to read this week's OSHClub news.

OSHClub - please register your child - it's free to register and you'll always have that option for childcare, even in unexpected circumstances.


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from Alycia Cook and Jami Richards

01_Global                   2020 ICAS

ICAS Assessments are designed to recognise academic excellence.

Students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Congratulations to those students from Years 4, 5 and 6 who recently sat for the UNSW ICAS Assessments. All entries in the ICAS competitions receive an award or certificate.

Although we had reduced numbers of students participate in 2020, we are pleased to announce that the following students have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in these examinations. The top 1 percent of each competition earn a "High Distinction". "Distinction" is awarded for the next 10 percent.

What an outstanding achievement by these LPS Superstars!

English Distinction:

Year 4 – Kartik G

Year 5 – Shantan Rs

Year 6 – San N

English High Distinction:

Year 4 – Pakhi K

Year 5 – Saketh R

Mathematics Distinction:

Year 4 – Kartik G, Rohit L

Year 5 – Saketh R, Ahan S

Year 6 – Alvin W

Mathematics High Distinction:

Year 5 – Shantan Rs

Year 6 – San N

Science Distinction:

Year 5 – Tejal K, Shantan Rs, Ahan S

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Parenting Ideas: Managing the mother load

by Jodi Richardson


“The mental load means always having to remember.”

Emma, a French cartoonist summed up the mental load that most mothers carry in her 2017 viral comic, ‘You should’ve asked’. In the opening scene, a very hassled mother was preparing for a dinner party, while feeding her two young children, dealing with a noisy dog and answering the phone, all while she was hosting a colleague for dinner. As the dinner boils over the stove and onto the floor she looked at her partner imploringly. He unwittingly answered, “But you should’ve asked! I would have helped.”

This scene artfully exemplifies the many invisible layers of responsibility that mothers carry including arranging most household tasks, managing the family home and being on top of the fine detail in every family member’s life.

This is not the case in all families, but current research reveals that the great majority of women bear the load when it comes to housework (mums do twice as much as dads), caring for children (again, mums doing twice as much as dads) and carrying the mental load for their family.

There’s only so much we can manage. For those of us who are anxious, there will be times our plates will fill, and overflow. While there’s no single way to ease the mental load that mothers carry the following ideas will help to make life more manageable:

Stop making life easy for others
Anecdotal evidence suggests that many mums will overdo preparation rather than expect others to step up and help. I have been known in the past to cook and freeze up to a week’s worth of meals prior to travelling for work. Not any more though. Magically, my husband and two school-aged children have become very capable in the kitchen as I’ve stepped back.

Delegate and let go
Delegate some household jobs to your children. Leah Ruppanner, professor of sociology at Melbourne University says, “Unless death is impending from poor domestic decisions, step back, support and allow others to learn from their mistakes.” Letting go of jobs and allowing kids to do things in their own way is hard for perfectionist personality types, but it’s essential if you are going to last the parenting journey. Surprisingly, both guilt and perfectionism ensure that many mums keep their children dependent upon them.

Diarise and check
One way to ease is the mental load is to lessen the number of mental notes and details that you carry around. Set up recurring electronic calendar entries for routine tasks and check regularly. This way you have less to remember and a place to find what you need, which is more efficient and mum-friendly way of being organised.

Lower the bar
Many mothers confess that they constantly feel guilt if they don’t put their children first. That’s a heavy burden to carry. If anxiety is a constant companion, it’s essential to lower the bar on your self-expectations. Unfulfilled expectations are proven stressors for mothers so take away tasks, rather than add to your mother load.

In closing
There’s little doubt that many mothers carry an overwhelming mental load that adds to their anxiety and stress. I’m not suggesting that you abandon your job entirely but rather to look for ways to make the mental load you carry a little lighter. In doing so, life will become easier to manage. As with all behavioural change its easiest to start small. But whatever you do, if you’re straining under the mother load make a start at releasing and sharing the load.

Parents can learn more about minimising anxiety as a mum in Dr. Jodi Richardson’s book Anxious Mums: How mums can turn their anxiety into strength published by Penguin Random House.

Dr Jodi Richardson
Dr Jodi Richardson helps people to reduce their anxiety, strengthen their wellbeing, live by their personal values and achieve resilience and lasting happiness. Her research-based advice is grounded in a career of extensive university studies, clinical practice, education and endless compassion. Jodi is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book Anxious Kids. Her latest release is Anxious Mums: How mums can turn their anxiety into strength. For further details visit www.drjodirichardson.com.au 

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•  Integrity  •  Resilience