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10 September 2020


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Principal's Message

Year 1 has been learning to design the tallest marshmallow spaghetti tower they can as part of Inquiry/Science. Our cover photos show the concentration and delight on ED's face as her tower stands completed!

We are all looking forward to Prep-Year 2 students returning to school from Week 2 next term, as the first stage of a return to learning onsite. Principals have a briefing tomorrow evening and are hoping we will have the new Operations Guide by this weekend. As you can imagine, we expect changes to current arrangements and will advise parents as soon as we can. Once again, thank you for your patience!

As this is the final LPS eNews this term, it is important to acknowledge the incredible contributions made by our community during Learning from Home. Teachers are planning an end of term Webex meeting next Friday with their classes to celebrate everyone's efforts this term.

Parents - we appreciate your amazing juggling efforts in supporting your children's learning and making sure they attended their Webex sessions! Education Support Staff - thank you for helping students onsite and remotely and keeping the office and technical support ticking along. Teachers - we are in awe of the work you've done to flip your practice and modify everything for LFH. And of course, Kathy and Jo - I'm incredibly grateful, at a time like no other, to work in a 'can do' team in such a collaborative school.

Finally, a special thank you to Jodie, who has done so much behind the scenes as we introduced the new website, Sentral upgrade and LPS eNews. This week, we utilise our new LPS YouTube channel to share some great videos of children or their LFH tasks. Please keep sending us your LFH videos and photos (without identifying names please).

We have all learned so much since March and hope everyone has a safe break and a recharge before we welcome back real children in Term 4!

ICT Infrastructure

Around two years ago, we began transitioning the LPS technology infrastructure to a dedicated DET system. This will allow the school to take advantage of the Department’s ongoing upgrades to school ICT systems and cloud storage.

Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve progressively installed new infrastructure components, mostly during school holiday periods. This work culminated in the replacement of our main server. The recent December-January school holidays saw this project finally completed. 

LPS is now completely aligned with the DET EduStar platform and our staff and students have access to all DET technology upgrades and support.

School ICT systems are audited. A few weeks ago, we were advised that the May 2020 audit gave the LPS School ICT Systems Architecture a rating of 5 stars. The following DET chart shows the LPS ICT Maturity and Capability score of 90 (the red line), against DET schools state-wide, and we're delighted with this outcome:

Region Average: 71
State Average:   73

Although we had no idea when we started this project that a pandemic would affect Victorian schools, we now have many school devices on loan for Learning from Home. All of these are using the DET Edustar platform, providing those students with secure access to resources such as Eduvic Webex and DET's G Suite for Education (including Google Classroom). Our technicians, Leanne and Malan, have also supported these families with some remote trouble-shooting when needed.

The school has a rolling ICT plan for replacing devices and providing other teaching and learning technologies every year. This plan has continued throughout the infrastructure upgrades.

The funds that purchase LPS student devices are provided through annual Parent Payments. We are grateful to families for supporting this financial investment, particularly this year, as technology has been an essential component of staying connected during remote learning. Keep reading - the What's Happening page outlines the next stage of planned technology improvements.

Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 

What's Happening?

From the Assistant Principals, Kathy and Jo

We are ready to roll out the next stage of the annual notebook upgrade for 2021 and are looking to purchase the next round of computers, sixty Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga computers, for Year 6 students.

As many secondary schools also use these computers, the Yoga’s are the preferred option for our senior classrooms. They can be used as a tablet, positioned as a tent or used as a laptop. We are certain our students will appreciate the versatility of this tool for learning.

As part of our Technologies program, we are gradually replacing the Interactive Whiteboards throughout the school and are purchasing five more 65" Interactive Flat Panel Plasma TVs for the Year 2 classrooms. We already have seven of these in Prep and Year 1 classrooms.

Large screen technologies for the junior classes provide dynamic possibilities in the classroom, helping teachers build an engaging learning environment and model technology skills.

The Preps have used the TVs to read books online and use the interactive tools, such as the pencil, to look at particular parts of a sentence. They also watch educational videos and use interactive quizzes and games. The TVs were also fantastic to use during Webex sessions with Year 6 buddies and Prep Level assemblies.

In Year 1, the plasma TVs have had a positive impact on student learning and classroom teaching because they are interactive and provide engaging opportunities for learning. They are regularly used throughout the day, being user friendly for both teachers and students. Some tasks include shared reading, highlighting specific text and modelling explicit teaching.

Thank you to parents who pay the Technologies component of Essential Items, included in parent payments. Your contributions are used to make these purchases happen.

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From Jacqui Purcell, Learning Specialist and our High Ability Practice Leader.

Victorian High Ability Program

Recently ten Laburnum Primary School students, in Years 5 and 6, were selected by the Department of Education to take part in this Term 4 program.

The Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP) offers online extension and enrichment programs, where students engage in learning with a teacher through Virtual School Victoria. 

The program focuses on tasks that stimulate students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, enriching their understanding of English and Mathematics.

The Mathematics course is aimed at encouraging students to discover that Maths is not just about ‘getting the right answer’, but a process of exploration in which problems may be solved in many ways.

The English course investigates the purpose and impact of writing, and the ways in which writing can change hearts and minds.

We look forward to updates from the participants next term.

Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 

LFH Prep

This term, the Preps have been learning about their family history and sharing what they have learnt with the class. During our Webex Essential sessions we listened to each student present their family tree, which included their immediate family and their grandparents. Some even shared interesting facts about their families and what they like to do together or why they love each family member.


We also looked at a map of the world and put markers for where our families are from.

This week, we shared some objects that are important and special to our families. It has been a lovely few weeks getting to know our Prep families


Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience 

LFH Senior School - Years 5 & 6

The Year 5 and 6 students have been learning about the different features of fiction genres over a three-week study. The students selected a fiction genre of their choice, read a related book, then completed genre study book reports via Google Classroom. As expected, many students chose their favourite genre for the first genre study, however, many were challenged to read outside their ‘comfort zone’ for the remaining two. The students valued the opportunity to share their genre studies during Webex meetings and demonstrated an improved understanding (and newly discovered interest) in different fiction genres.

In Writing, the Year 5 students have been investigating different styles of poetry, including Haikus, Cinquains and rhyming poems. This week the students are learning to create limericks; we can’t wait to see the examples they upload to Google Classroom!

Throughout the term we have been working on developing personalised maths goals using MyNumeracy. Focusing on problem solving strategies, we found out that there is often more than one way to solve a given problem. By showing our working out, we were able to share and compare strategies used. 

The Year 6 students were challenged to create a Maths fluency task. Congratulations to the students who had their task included the ‘Learning from Home’ program for weeks 8 and 9. 

The Year 5 students have been developing their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. They reviewed the skills that would help them, from number facts such as doubles and pairs to ten, up to expanding numbers and regrouping when completing vertical equations.

Inquiry: Australian History
The senior students have been producing some outstanding work about early Australian History (1788-1901), including  the Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade other significant events and people from this period. Students presented a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of their learning. For example, artwork, animation, comic, model, diorama, picture story book, toy, cooking utensil, license or map.

Please see below some examples of our learning that were uploaded to Google Classroom and shared during Webex meetings.

Click here for Senior School Inquiry - Writing

Click here for Senior School Inquiry - Art

Click here for Senior School Inquiry - Models, Maps, Artefacts and Dioramas

Click here to view Senior School Inquiry videos

In weeks 6 and 7 we progressed to learning about Australia’s Federation in 1901. The students researched, then prepared and presented an ORAL PRESENTATION via Webex.

We are very proud of the enthusiasm and creativity in tasks presented and look forward to seeing what can be produced for our final independent inquiry in weeks 8 and 9.

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From Shazan Marikar & Wendy Keogh

P.E. Update
A huge ‘thank you’ to all the parents who have been supporting their children to be physically active during Learning from Home. While many of us are spending more time at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is easy for us to forget our daily activity routine. We cannot advocate enough the importance of physical activity. Staying active is critical for both our physical and mental health.

The Department of Health advocates the many benefits exercise has for our health, such as reducing the risk of conditions like stroke and heart disease, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as improving the quality of our sleep. These are all critical to the overall mental and physical wellbeing of our children. Both Mrs Yue-Lamb and I are so pleased to see all the wonderful and amazing videos you have been sending us via the Sentral Parent Portal each week of your children being active at home.

Here is a compilation of DS in Year 4 who has been making the most of his time during Learning from Home. The video is a great example of what you can do at home and how you can use the resources around you to be physically active and keep in shape - What a fantastic effort by D!

Book Week is coming!!
Book Week is a wonderful time of the year. This year Book Week will be celebrated during Term 4 from 17 - 23 October, with our Book Week dress up day being held on Thursday 22 October.

This fantastic event, hosted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, highlights the importance of reading. It draws on the joy of stories and the creativity of Australian books. We not only celebrate the world of literature, we also embrace book characters and think about why particular characters become our favourites. We get to share stories and connect to the world around us.

In anticipation of this much-loved LPS event, we are asking everyone to put their thinking caps on and start thinking about which book character you would like to be.

If you are struggling for ideas you might like to dress up as a character around the CBCA Book Week theme, ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.’ This may invoke thoughts of nature, jungles, sea creatures and dinosaurs, of imaginary and mythological animals, and of adventurers, explorers and scientists. Will your ‘curious creature’ be found in the past, a fantasy land, under the waves, or perhaps even another universe?

We can’t wait to see you in your Book Week costume!

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Contribute: Parents Group & Community News

In acknowledgement of the significant and ongoing challenges facing families, the Minister for Education has approved that the eligibility to quality for CSEF be extended to 5 October 2020, with applications due by 27 November 2020.
(Please click on the above logo for 2020 application form, complete and send to laburnum.ps@education.vic.gov.au) If you need this translated, please email our office.

CSEF payments for eligible students will be made at 50 per cent of the standard primary and secondary rates, recognising that opportunities for camps, sports and excursions have been limited in 2020.
In addition, schools will be able to use CSEF payments for voluntary school charges, books and stationery for the remainder of 2020.

Parents Group News: 


You are Invited to a Laburnum PS Virtual School Disco

To celebrate the end of the school term and hopefully the relaxing of the COVID Stage 4 restrictions, the LPS Parents Group would like to invite you to a virtual disco.

Saturday 12 September @ 5pm

Cost: Free

30-40 minutes of high energy disco entertainment
Commencement greeting, games, personalised shoutouts & song requests
Facilitated by a DJ/Entertainer
Private Zoom link just for our school.

For Zoom Details, please log in to the LFH pages and go to the Virtual Disco tab under 'Learning from Home':


Contact: parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com

Things to note on the day of the disco

10-15 minutes before your disco starts do the following steps;

Step 1: Join the Disco by clicking the Zoom link. Zoom will install and you will be prompted to list your name and an email address, followed by the password (school provides this - see above).

Step 2: Test your audio. The KDP Crew will be playing warm up tracks so you can test your volume. For extra volume try streaming your device to a Smart TV using Apple TV, Google Chromecast or a HDMI Cord. If this isn’t possible you may like to connect the device to an external (or Bluetooth) speaker.

Step 3: Make space. You’ll need plenty of space on your home dance floor so you can join in the disco dancing.

Safety Note:
To ensure the safety for all who join, this event is a one-way stream for students. This means they will see the DJ but the DJ will not be able to see or hear them. When inputting personal data feel free to use a pseudo name but you will need to put a valid email address to join.

We look forward to many of our students and their families joining in for the fun on the day!

School community support
In midst of the current disaster situation, Parent's Group is extending our best wishes & support to all the families in our school community. In the case that you need any help with the shopping run (grocery / pharmacy), while you are self isolating at home waiting for COVID test results or have tested positive, please feel free to contact us at parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you to arrange one of our parents in the group to get it sorted for you! Stay safe and take good care of yourself.

Next Parent’s Group meeting
Would you like to come along to see what a virtual Parents' Group meeting is like? Our October meeting is Tuesday 6th October at 7pm and you are welcome to attend. As a reminder, Parents' Group is open to mums/dads/carers and we organise social, community and fundraising events for the school. There is no expectation on members to put all their spare time into activities – you can put as much or as little time in as you like. If you are interested in joining please email parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com to let us know you'd like to come and we will send you the details.


Click on these links for Community News or information:                     

Click on the OSHClub logo (left) to read this week's OSHClub news.

OSHClub’s Vacation Care program will be running during the upcoming School Holidays, but only for children who have already been deemed eligible by the School to attend school during Term 3.
If you require care during the holidays and are eligible, please go to www.oshclub.com.au to book in.
If you have already placed a booking and are not deemed eligible to attend, we ask that you please go back into our system and delete your bookings. We look forward to seeing you back at our program once this lockdown period has ended.
Many thanks for your understanding

The OSHClub Team

Attached is this week’s OSHC at Home Weekly Planner, outlining each of the activities available, along with a description of the kind of activity, its field (e.g. STEM, Mindfulness, whether it is hands on/off for Parents) and appropriate age group.  Children simply click on the activity to participate – and the activities can be repeated time and time again.

OSHClub - please register your child - it's free to register and you'll always have that option for childcare, even in unexpected circumstances.


Scholastic Book Club  Online orders for September, Issue 6 - click here

The Computer Programming Club is back - online!
Please click on the logo (left) to download the information and registration details. 


Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute 


Farewell to some long-term staff members

We have farewelled three valued, long-term LPS teachers during remote learning. We think they're all worthy of LPS Superstar status!

  • Mrs Jan Trend - Jan began teaching at LPS in 2008, spending nine of those years here as a Leading Teacher. As well as being a highly-regarded teacher, Jan's work in involving skilled parents at school was marked by extracurricular activities such as Coding Club, Science groups and 3D printing. Jan will be especially remembered for her work with the Science Committee (which eventually led us to purchase The Lab), Deakin University's Science partnership with LPS and Class Reps. Jan is loving her new role as a grandmother in her retirement.

  • Mrs Debbie Oates - Debbie started teaching at LPS in 2000, after relocating to Melbourne, and spent most of her time teaching in the Junior School. Debbie's enthusiasm in organising the STARS program each year, as well as Junior School student surveys, brought a student focus and perspective to the school's Wellbeing programs. As well as being a valued teacher, her sense of humour was infectious and we are already missing Debbie's delicious baking!

  • Mrs Deb Longman - Deb transferred to LPS in 2010 and taught across the school in the years since. Deb's enthusiasm and commitment was channelled into everything from organising excursions and camps to interschool sport, paying attention to every detail. Deb organised the first Year 6-7 Step Up week in 2018, which has continued since. Her organisational skills were used in many roles and, like Debbie and Jan, her relationships with LPS students included teaching multiple siblings from many families.

Together, these three teachers devoted around 42 years of teaching to LPS, in careers that contributed well over 100 years of care and experience to schools. Although we are sad to farewell these three professionals, who seemed to slip away without a 'last hurrah' with the wider community, they will be remembered fondly by LPS colleagues and families. 

Thank you for your wonderful contributions and best wishes Jan, Debbie and Deb.

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Parenting Ideas: Help kids tap into their inner resources

by Michael Grose

My first parenting mentor, Maurice Balson, author of Becoming Better Parents constantly reminded parents, “If you want your child to be resourceful, you need to put them in positions to develop their resources.”

Balson’s resourcefulness message is just as apt today. Coping with change, dealing with small losses, handling rejection and overcoming disappointment are the types of experiences that build a child’s or young person’s inner resources.

Developing resourcefulness is the appropriate approach to take when considering the disruptive impact that coronavirus is having on kids’ lives. A child who is struggling to come to grips with the changes brought about by the pandemic initially needs an emphatic, supportive approach. They also need encouragement to tap into their inner resources to help them manage the hard times. The following strategies will help develop your child or young person’s inner resources.

Give them a chance to be resourceful
Harry, age 10, often leaves his lunch at home. His father, who works from home, won’t take forgotten items to school. Harry either misses lunch or persuades his friends to share their lunches with him. Either way, when Harry leaves his lunch at home he’s forced to rely on his emotional or physical resourcefulness to get by. And he does.

Catch them being resourceful
A child’s behaviours that gain a parent’s attention generally expand. Highlight a child’s good manners, acts of kindness or honesty and you’re more likely to get a repeat of those behaviours. Positive parental recognition is a high motivator for most kids. To encourage your child’s resourcefulness, focus your attention and positive comments on acts of resourcefulness and resilience they exhibit.

Encourage creativity
Sylvia, age 13 walked to school each day, saving her bus fare to spend on clothes that were out of reach of her parents’ budget. Sylvia found a way to overcome her money problem in her own way. Children and young people usually come up with very creative solutions when they’re allowed to own their problems.

Develop coping skills
Kids rely on their coping skills to help them manage their emotional states when life throws them curve balls. Build your child’s set of coping skills through direct teaching, modelling and discussion. Humour, distraction, relaxation, exercise, play and thought-distancing are some of the more common coping skills kids can use to help them tolerate their dfficult feelings.

The resourcefulness a child develops when they experience adversity doesn’t desert them when life returns to normal. It waits in the background, ready to be drawn upon again when hardships, frustrations and difficulties come their way.

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s an award-winning speaker and the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation, and the bestselling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It . Michael is a former teacher with 15 years experience, and has 30 years experience in parenting education. He also holds a Master of Educational Studies from Monash University specialising in parenting education.

Curiosity  •   Respect  
•  Integrity  •  Resilience