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Special Edition 5 December 2023

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LPS eNews

Special Edition 5 December 2023

2024 Year 6 Student Leaders

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as captains for 2024. They will be presented with their badges at assembly in the hall next Friday 15 December at 2.45pm


2024 School Captains:

Azaan A, Vihaan N, Molly H, Poppy C

Art Captains:

Miya S, Josephine L

Green Team Captains:

Ashleigh S, Sarah X

JSC Captains:

Violet R, Alice L

Library Captains: 

Victoria S, Terrence C, Harion L, Bonnie K, Ari H, Yueyue J, Olivia T,
Aaron K, Tashvi R, Chloe K, Ashley C, Eric C

Music Captains:

Rowan M, Caterina L

STEM Captain:

Hugo M

Wellbeing Captains:

Narahari S, Hina T

Conder House Captains:

Henry T, Sophie S

McCubbin House Captains:

Charlie W, Sophie G

Roberts House Captains:

Marcus T, Mabel C

Streeton House Captains:

Tate B, Maggie D

Thank you to Chloe Wilson and the Year 5 team for their work in supporting the student leadership process at LPS, culminating in this announcement.

There will be further student leadership positions announced in 2024.


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