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19 October, 2023

Principal's Message

Thank you to everyone who joined us for The Fathering Project on 5 October. We had even more registrations than our first event, filling the Staff Community centre, Conference Room and Library. Photos of that event, 'Bricks and Muffins', feature in this eNews. Our next TFP event will be in February, so stay tuned for details.

Another successful Parents Group event was held on Referendum Day. We appreciate all those families who baked for our Cake Stall on the day, resulting in a fantastic range of home-baked goodies for sale. With monies going towards the Junior School playground upgrade, we look forward to this project commencing later this term or over the January holiday break. The design of the playground update remains on the wall outside the Sick Bay.

The entire school has just finished their Evolve Education eSafety incursions. Never were incursions more timely. Although technology has fantastic applications, we have recently been dealing with student fears and concerns arising from online activities, including:

  • disrespectful online comments made about other students and teachers
  • online threats
  • strangers approaching students online
  • impacts on both targeted students and online bystanders, including anxiety and school refusal

As part of our measured response to these reports, last term we invited the Youth Community Police Officer to speak with our Senior Students. 

In all cases, the incidents involving our students happened at home, not at school, when students were accessing devices without adequate supervision. Additionally, in every case, students were using social media platforms and apps for which they are too young. We included a page of parent advice in our 7 September eNews, and remind parents of our website Technology resources for parents.

This is not about 'trusting' your children. Most Apps and social media platforms have a minimum age of 13 or above that considers the developmental stages of younger children. Last week, the need to protect children was heightened further with the posting of images of middle east war atrocities on social media platforms that we know some of students had been using.

Although our concerns are mostly for older students, we are aware of online issues with much younger LPS students as well. Across the school, we are unfortunately aware of children 
accessing completely inappropriate adult websites at home.

We implore parents to make mindful decisions that let your children enjoy their childhood. In particular, if you are buying your child a phone as a gift, please consider one that uses 'talk and text' only. Cyber Safety expert Susan McLean advised Laburnum parents a few years ago that some parents mistakenly believe that mobile phones are keeping their child safe. In fact, many of the issues we are dealing with are caused by children using smart phones.

We can supervise your children at school and provide information and support to keep them safe online. At home, parents need to be vigilant and aware in regards to online access and safety. You can start with a daily technology time limit, and follow Susan McLean's top cyberSafety tips. Most importantly, insist that devices are only used by children in family spaces, not bedrooms. Please be proactive and consider registering for our eSafety parent session.

School Council has approved our starting arrangements for Term 1 2024. Years 1 - 6 students will return to school on Wednesday 31 January. Prep 2024 students, as usual, will have a staggered start to their schooling.

See our Term Dates and Student-free Days webpage for details.

Finally, next Friday 27 October is World Teachers' Day. UNESCO established World Teachers’ Day in 1994 to recognise the role of teachers in society.

This year, UNESCO is putting the teacher shortage at the top of the global agenda with the theme ‘The teachers we need for the education we want: the global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage’.

Celebrating and recognising the important role and impact of our teachers is as simple as saying thank you. We are so fortunate to have dedicated and caring teachers at LPS. Please join us by thanking them next Friday. 


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Middle East situation

Many in our school community are affected by the devastating events in the Middle East and the awful events depicted in media footage and images.

This time is particularly distressing for staff, students, families and carers who have family and friends in Israel and Gaza. 

We are also aware that students of diverse backgrounds, including Jewish and Muslim students, may be significantly affected by public events, mainstream media coverage and social media at this time. We urge parents to monitor and manage your child's exposure to this.

Australia's independent regulator for online safety, eSafety, has issued guidance to help parents and carers support their children in dealing with distressing online content. The eSafety website has resources for parents and carers about online safety. These include information on extra precautions you can take to protect your children from seeing disturbing content online.

Please ensure your children are aware of where they can find support in the event they come across such images. At our school, this includes their class teacher, the Assistant Principals and Principal.

Parents/carers are welcome to get in contact with any of the staff at our school if you would like to ensure we are aware of what your child is going through at this time.

Our staff will continue doing all they can to support all our students, and support is also available for our staff.

I want to assure you that the Department of Education is monitoring the situation from a school security perspective for all schools, and have advised there is no further action we need to take at this stage.

You may find some aspects of this resource helpful:

Support is also available through external services including:

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What's Happening?

From the Assistant Principals, Kathy and Jo

An online Evolve eSafety Parent Session was offered to LPS parents in a previous eNews, however, only minimal registrations have been received. With the current climate and concerns surrounding home access and student online behaviours, we strongly urge you to register for this session. With enough interest, session details will be forwarded to registered parents/carers. We thank you for your support and active participation in preventing negative online behaviours.

Play Therapy and Social Skills
sessions have commenced this week with our new facilitator and educator, Annamaria Bingham. For an introduction to Annamaria, please see our last eNews.
Whilst Play Therapy establishes a 1:1 therapeutic counselling space, our small group Social Skills program will focus on a variety of topics including classroom skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving and conflict resolution. This term, invited Prep and Year 1 students are working together in this valuable intervention.

Reminder: Requests for 2024 class placements

Many factors are taken into account when placing students in class groups for the following year. Underlying this process are our school values and, as Resilience is something we aim for all students to develop, mixing with different students each year is both desirable and carefully planned.

During Term 4, all students have an opportunity to nominate other children they would like to have in their class. We can usually guarantee that one of these requests is met. This process is undertaken with their class teacher at school and is entirely separate to any parent requests.

If parents have a particular request that is separate to your child's own preferences, these should be made in writing by email to laburnum.ps@education.vic.gov.au and addressed to the Principal (not your child’s teacher). They must be received by Wednesday 1 November. These are then considered along with those of other families, teachers and students.

As in previous years, please do not ask for specific teachers for 2024, or make friend requests on behalf of your child, as these requests will not be considered. We also respectfully ask that your requests are reasonable. If necessary, please limit these to one or two requests per child so they can be manageable as we try to juggle competing and often conflicting priorities.

Due to the complex process involved, late requests cannot be accepted.

First Aid Requests

We are currently sending out individual Anaphylaxis Management Plans for all students with anaphylaxis and Student Health Support Plans for all students with Asthma.

Please return these to the school as soon as possible, and by Monday 16 November 2023, noting any changes on the document.

If you child has borrowed any clothing from first aid, these items must be washed and return as soon as possible.

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Student Leaders: Junior School Council

The JSC students will be selling Pure Pops on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this term.

The Pure pops will be $2 each. There are two flavours; strawberry and mango banana.

Pure Pops are frozen yoghurts that are 100% compostable. They are healthy and all-natural. Please note they do contain dairy so not suitable for students who have dairy allergies.

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience   

Junior School - Years 1 & 2

Year 1
At the end of Term 3, the Year 1s began learning about addition and subtraction and have continued this in Term 4. We looked at the symbols for both and discussed different names for them. Other words for addition include add, plus and altogether. Other words for subtraction include minus, take away and less than. They also looked at the equals sign and learnt that it means that both sides are the same, (not that it means ‘the answer’).

The Year 1s have learnt strategies to use when solving addition and subtraction problems. Knowing and using these correctly help students be more efficient at solving problems. For example, using known facts, such as 7 + 3 = 10, doubling and holding the larger number in their head and counting on for addition. For subtraction, they have learnt to count on or back, depending on the subtraction problem.
The Year 1s also looked at addition and subtraction fact families. They made two addition and two subtraction number sentences using only three numbers!
As well as all of this, the students have been collecting data and creating pictographs. They began by asking questions where the answer could only be yes or no. For example, ‘Do you like ice-cream?’ They then asked a different question with a choice of answers to gather more specific data. For example, ‘What is your favourite flavour of ice-cream – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, other or I don’t like any?’ Afterwards the students used the data to make pictographs and answer questions about the information shown.

Year 2
In Maths, students have been learning to use directional language, such as left, forward, quarter turn and north, to give and receive directions using BeeBots. Students have enjoyed programming BeeBots to arrive at a chosen destination and reflecting on how accurate their partner’s directions were. Students have also been using grid references to locate items on maps.

In number, we are learning to use the language of multiplication, such as groups of, arrays and repeated addition to solve worded problems and explain our thinking.

Breaking words into syllables and listening to sounds in words assists students with both reading and spelling. Year 2 students regularly practise blending and segmenting sounds to create and change words. Our Word Wall consists of words that students have investigated in many ways, such as the number of syllables, the tricky part of the word and other words that can be built from a base word.

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Learn: Evolve Education - Digital Safety and Wellbeing

Steve and Bec from Evolve have kindly shared this information for parents/carers:

This term, Evolve Education delivered digital safety and wellbeing workshops to all students from Prep to Year 6. These are outlined below. Students are learning to improve their digital wellbeing, protect their privacy and respect others online.

For parents, we have also included information below on the Beacon App. This free app is an Australian resource designed to help parents and carers learn about emerging online safety risks and report online harms like cyberbullying. As parents and former teachers ourselves, it is one of the best resources currently available in this space.

Laburnum staff have also received training on emerging online safety trends and responding to online harm.

Thank you for your ongoing support in keeping our students safe online.

Foundation - It’s Private

In this session, students explored the importance of keeping their personal information safe. Students investigated the following key themes and topics throughout the workshop:

  • Staying safe when using connected devices
  • Keeping personal information private
  • Password safety
  • Trusted adults and asking for help


Year 1 - Building Balance

In this session, students explored practices that enhance their health, safety and happiness while reflecting on their digital wellbeing. Students investigated the following key themes and topics throughout the workshop:

  • Listening to your body
  • Staying and playing in safe spaces
  • Being Kind online
  • Finding balance when using technology


Years 2 & 3 – Online Hazards

In this session, students learned about strategies to minimise common online hazards. Students investigated the following key themes and topics throughout the workshop:

  • Identifying and avoiding online hazards
  • Risks and rewards online
  • Trusting your gut
  • Passwords and Personal Information are private


Year 4 & 6 – Rights, Respect and Responsibility

In this session, students developed strategies to respond to negative online behaviour and effectively de-escalate ‘digital drama’. Students examined the following key themes and topics throughout the workshop:

  • De-escalating 'digital drama'
  • Upstanders, bystanders and online meanness
  • Responding to cyberbullying: Stop, Record, Block, Report & Tell
  • Trusted Adults and speaking up


Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute

Middle School - Years 3 & 4

Year 3
In Year 3, we have been using the school values of respect and curiosity while we have been learning about ways to stay safe online. We attended a digital safety and wellbeing workshop with Evolve Education, where we focused on ‘Online Hazards’.
During this session we began by identifying some 'simple' online hazards such as strangers contacting us, viruses or pop-up ads. We played a game called ‘Safe or Scam?’ where we had to identify if an online advertisement was real or fake. We also discussed why it is important to keep our personal information private by creating our own unique avatar.

We identified the importance of creating strong passwords and discussed how strong passwords keep our personal information safe. We spoke about ways to self-regulate and care for our digital wellbeing by asking a trusted adult for help.

We really enjoyed this workshop as it got us thinking about ways to be positive in the online world.
This is what some students learnt during our digital safety workshop:

 “I learnt when people share your personal stuff you need to change your password and make sure you don’t tell anybody your new password” (Isabella – 3B)

“I learnt how hard it was to recognise a scam” (Lydia – 3C)

“I learnt not to put my birthday and age in games online” (Adrian – 3L)

“I learnt that hackers mostly want money” (Natasha – 3P)

Year 4
In Year 4, we always look forward to spending time with our wonderful Prep Buddies. Last Friday the Preps came to the Year 4 classrooms to try out the cardboard arcade games we built in Term 3. There was lots of excitement and amazement as buddies threw balls at targets, scooped objects with claws or scored points on pachinko games!
We have begun our new Inquiry topic for Term 4 – ‘Our Island Home’. This unit focuses on the Geography curriculum, with students investigating cities, countries and cultures from nearby and around the globe. As the unit progresses, students will create and describe their own island, creating maps, describing their culture and laws and exploring ideas of cultural identity.
During Reading, we have taken a trip to the past as we looked at the poetry of Banjo Paterson. Investigating historical texts, especially poetry, gives our students opportunities to clarify the meaning of unusual words and phrases such as ‘twas’ and ‘gone a-droving’. We compared the setting and characters of the past with modern times using ‘Clancy of the Overflow’, and even rewrote our own updated versions of ‘Mulga Bill’s Bicycle’.

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Specialists: Art

from Ms Farlow

During Semester 2 a team of Year 6 artists from each class has been working on completing a final print for their graduation gift to the school. There will be a display in the hall outside the Art Room, exhibiting some individual student prints and detailing student practices and the process for creating these wonderful collagraph prints.

Year 6 are currently planning a string artwork on wood. They are measuring and counting points for nails in a shape, which will be filled with a pattern of woven string for a spirograph effect. Any donations of plain wooden boards would be greatly appreciated.
Year 5 students are exploring the Reserve Bank of Australia, looking at banknotes as artworks and creating their own currency. They are responding to and interpreting artworks inspired by particular currency, including the works of Mark Wagner.
Year 4 currently have their Pop Art works, inspired by Wayne Thiebaud, on display in the hall outside the Art room. This term they are learning painting techniques with acrylics and concentrating on making colour. To this end they will be exploring the works of Jimmy Pike.

Year 3 clay monsters are currently being exhibited in the hall next to reception and outside the Year 5 classrooms. Please take a detour with your student to find their monster together and celebrate these fun and creative designs. This term Year 3 students are learning all about screen printing and making their own stencils.

Year 2 is learning about Op Art and describing optical illusions. Year 1 is exploring everything about The Ocean, and Preps are responding to and interpreting the works of John Coburg.
All students are required to bring a smock or old shirt, clearly labelled with their name and class. Years 3 and 4 are particularly needing smocks this term.

Please check the Art Notice Board for new competitions, exhibitions and events this term. Artist of the Week is also displayed here.

Have a wonderful term everyone.

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Contribute: Parents Group & Community News

Parents Group News

Mango Fundraiser

There’s only one week left to order yourself a tray of delicious juicy mangoes (to be delivered in early December). See flyer for more details, and please click on the link here to place your order: https://www.trybooking.com/CLYHO


Referendum Day Cake Stall Wrap Up

Thanks to the huge army of parents / carers who made an abundance of delicious cakes / slices / cookies for the LPS Referendum Day Cake Stall.  We raised a grand total of $1929.85 which will go towards the Junior School playground upgrade.

Big shout out to Kate W and Raylene W for seamlessly coordinating the whole thing, as well as all the volunteers who helped with the set up, pack up and selling of cakes.

                  SECOND-HAND UNIFORM SHOP


First Friday of the Month:
next opening Friday 3 November 

Term Time Only:

2.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Please enter the school grounds via Janet Street. Please go straight to the Uniform Shop, near the Performing Arts Centre.

Thank you,
Clarissa, Liz, Lucinda and Kate

 Cash transactions only
All items are $5 (including jackets and jumpers).
All monies go to the school to support our students.

We accept donations of pre-loved uniforms.
Please continue to phone the school and speak with one of the office staff if you have uniforms to donate.

Please ensure donations are washed, clean and in good condition. Only school branded clothing (i.e. no Target, Kmart, Big W, etc. brands).







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