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1 December, 2022

Principal's Message

Our cover photo shows a Year 4 - Prep buddy session.

Thank you to our fantastic Parents Group for all their planning and work for Saturday's Election Day stalls. We also appreciate the assistance of everyone who baked, planted and volunteered on the day. Once finalised, the profits will go towards School Council's Priority Project - our playground upgrade.

Last week our Kinder - Year 6 2023 Transition program moved into it's next phase. Prep 2023 children had their third visit to school and our Prep Team hosted a very well-attended (and in person!) Parent Information session on Thursday afternoon. 

On the same day, our Prep - Year 5 students had the first of three transition sessions, visiting their 2023 year level classrooms. The program culminates in students meeting their 2023 teachers on Thursday 15 December. Parents are invited to say hello to their child's new teacher between 3:30 and 3:45 pm on the same day, before most teachers meet to complete file handovers to students' future teachers. 

Your child will bring home a Parents Group form to complete on 15 December, should you wish to be included on a class/year level contact list for 2023.

Semester 2 Student Reports
Our teachers have been preparing Semester 2 reports for their classes. Your child's Semester 2 report will contain the usual assessment and/or comments on each child's achievement against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards in these areas:

  • Personal and Social Capabilities
  • English or EAL (English as an Additional Language - using the new EAL Pathways)
  • Mathematics
  • Inquiry Learning Areas
  • Specialist Areas  

An Attendance summary is also included. 

Reports will indicate progress from the last time that the curriculum area was reported on for Year 1 - 6 students, if they have been in a government school longer than 12 months.

Teachers will indicate if an area has not been assessed this semester.

Reports should be available to download from the Sentral Parent Portal on Monday December 19.

Families whose children are leaving the school:
Please download all your reports by December 20, as families have no access to LPS Sentral after their children have ceased enrolment.

Finally, a reminder that 2023 Parent Payments are due by tomorrow, Friday 2 December. Families who have made payment for stationery packs will receive these on Monday 5 December for all classes except Years 1 and 5, who will collect theirs on Wednesday 7 December. Please return the packs to school with your child on Tuesday 31 January.


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What's Happening?

From the Assistant Principals, Kathy and Jo

We are all looking forward to the rescheduled Parents Group Slime Fun Run next Friday 9 DecemberStudents must bring along a spare tshirt to wear if they wish to participate and be 'slimed'! 

All parents are welcome to attend. Please see the 'Contribute' page in this eNews for more information.

Parents Group's Carols in Blacks Walk returns on Friday 9 December. Our Junior and Senior choirs will be singing some favourite tunes at 4:30 pm. Families are warmly invited to bring along your picnic food to this community event.

Junior School Council's
final fundraising event
'Wacky Wednesday' is scheduled for Wednesday 14 December. Some ideas to wear on the day could include odd socks, jumpers on backwards, strange hair styles etc. We look forward to seeing some wacky creations! Students will need to bring a gold coin donation on the day with all proceeds being donated to the Australian Red Cross.

Congratulations to our Year 6 students, who have been enthusiatically contributing to their Graduation committees, as well as enjoying 'Step up Week' in readiness for secondary school. A reminder that Graduation is at 4 pm on Thursday 15 December and we look forward to Year 6 families joining us for this special event.

A reminder if you would like to register your child to learn an instrument with one of our Instrumental Music Tutors in 2023, please click here. As our tutors are external providers, there will be a cost involved for tuition. Please be aware that there may be a waiting list with some of our tutors. You can also find this link on our Forms page.

Finally, please remember to regularly check the Events Calendar on our school website here as we have a number of school/community events scheduled for the final weeks of term. 

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School Council Update

from the School Council President, Matt Hall

Hi all - I hope this finds you well.

Well, it’s a little hard for me to believe but we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year and School Council wanted to take the opportunity to provide our last newsletter update.

It has been an excellent year for the school after emerging from a couple of very disruptive years and School Council would like to thank the whole school community for the way we have collectively begun to re-engage. We acknowledge we still have some work to do to continue to rebuild our community and remain committed to this work.

There are so many highlights – to name but a few:

  • Our kids achieved excellent NAPLAN results.
  • Parents Group were amazing again and continue to run so many great fundraising events.
  • The School Review highlighted many outstanding achievements in literacy and numeracy right across our school.
  • The School Review also delivered us our School Strategic Plan (SSP) for the next 4 years – you can find the SSP and review report on our school website under Our School/Planning & Policies.
  • The recent Parents Survey saw great engagement – thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback. It is highly valued.
  • We received a significant $8.755M government grant to build new classrooms and facilities and the Architects are moving rapidly towards delivering an architecture for this work.
  • Our Buildings and Grounds committee, working with Jeavons Architects, has delivered us a vision for upgrading the Year 1 & 2 playground areas and around our OSHC building.

School Council would also like to take the opportunity to thank a number of groups.

Our teaching staff, administrative staff and school leadership group – a key observation of the school review was what a thoughtful, reflective and caring group of staff we have at our school and that our children are directly benefiting from the high-calibre work that you all do. We are very fortunate and grateful for your combined efforts.

Our Parents Group - the funds raised by the many activities you organise and run help us to continually upgrade our school. Most importantly though, these events help build our sense of community, and it is very hard to put a price on that. Thank you.

To all our children – you have had a tough couple of years but the level of resilience you have demonstrated and the way you have bounced life back into our school can only be admired.

To our Year 6 children, we wish you all the very best with your adventures in high school. You have led our school admirably and while we will miss you, we know that you will continue to kick goals into the future. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our school and you will always be welcome back.

Whatever way you and your family choose to relax and celebrate over the summer break, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Chat soon,


Our Vision:    Learn   •   Thrive  •   Contribute


This term the Prep students have had a lot of fun exploring, discovering, and learning how different objects move – and specifically, toys!

First, we made spinning helicopters by cutting out a paper template. We added a paperclip to help the helicopter spin when we dropped it. We held our arms up high so the helicopter had enough pushing force from the wind to spin.

Next, we made dancing bears. We were very careful to colour our bears and cut them out before pushing split pins through the card. We noticed that the arms, legs and head moved when we pushed and pulled them.

The Preps also designed and built their very own moving toys! Some of the toys moved when pushed, such as aeroplanes and cars. Some of the toys moved when pulled, such as wagons and kites. Some of the toys moved when spun, such as Beyblades.


Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Senior School - Years 5 & 6

Year 5

The Year 5 students have been working hard, writing and rehearsing their leadership and school captaincy speeches. Speaking in front of the entire year level may appear to be a daunting enterprise but the students showed how resilient they can be and showcased their leadership potential.                     

Over the last few weeks the Year 5 students have been using the picture story text, ‘The Little Refugee’ by Anh Do to work on and improve vocabulary. They have explored the ways an author intentionally uses techniques such as imagery, voice, analogies, figurative language and sentence fluency to show their audience through description instead of telling.

The Year 5s then used the same text to research the plight of refugees around the world. They developed a definition of 'refugee' and then studied the numbers of refugees from various countries.

During Maths, the students have looked at the ways in which they can use mathematical reasoning to connect with real world problems. The students have applied this reasoning to;

  • how work out the size of boats needed to travel from one country to the next
  • how limited resources can be used for those who have very little
  • how to create school uniforms on a limited budget and,
  • the resources available to refugees when they arrive in Australia.


Year 6

Year 6 recently had their second Deakin Science investigation task. They explored which paper towel was the ‘best’ at absorbing water.

Using their inquiry skills, each group determined what was meant by ‘best’. They made predictions, discussed dependent and independent variables and designed a procedure within their groups.

Students gathered formal measurements, using equipment such as scales and rulers, to collect and record observations. They used graphs or other formats to show their results clearly. Students reviewed their predictions against the results to check their accuracy.

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Specialists: Spanish

from Sra Jami Richards

Farm Animals was the first learning to take place, to foster conversation before and after the Prep Chesterfield Farm Excursion. Yes, we are still talking about ‘the farm’ in both English and Spanish and singing’ El viejo MacDonald tenía una granja’/’Old MacDonald had a farm’. Next was an imaginary trip to the zoo with the popular story and song ‘We are going to the zoo tomorrow’/ ‘Vamos al zoológico mañana’. After an imaginary trip to the zoo, we went on a bear hunt (imaginary, of course) through the song, actions and story ‘We're Going on a Bear Hunt’/ Vamos a cazar un oso. The students even created their own bear while listening to and following instructions in Spanish.

Years 1 and 2
All about families. We learnt names for immediate and extended families, discussed and described our own families and created individual family trees. ‘La Familia de Monstruos’/The Monster Family story was a humourous way to enforce our learning, revisit body parts and discuss how none of our families were anything like the members of the Monster Family. J We created finger puppets of various family members and sang ‘La Familia Dedo’/’The Finger Family’ with puppet actions. ‘My Grandma’/’Mi Abuelita’ – was another great book (bilingual) which fostered a lot of family discussion which included transportation and holidays.

Years 3 and 4
The students used their knowledge of numbers and routines of the day to practise telling time:  ¿Qué hora es? What time is it? as Brain Gym this term. The focus this term was all about Deportes/Sports.

The students listened to stories, songs, videoclips and worked together to ask and answer questions: "¿Qué deportes juegas?", "Yo juego ~", " Yo no juego ~"/What sports do you play?/I play/I do not play. We extended our conversations by learning the verbs associated with each sport, the equipment required and adverbs to describe the verbs. We also revisted the verb gustar/to like, to describe not only sports but other areas of interest. ‘La Serpiente Hambrienta’/’The Hungry Snake’ storybook was a big hit, being able to share common likes and dislikes of food.

Years 5 and 6
Students combined their knowledge of number, measurement and body parts to work with others in small group activities. They used language to converse with one another and recorded their mathematical results. They talked about how often they do things using the words ‘a la semana’/a week,

‘al mes’/’a month’ and ‘al año’/’a year. Calendar study was conducted to ask and answer questions and discover cultural celebrations. The students also spent time testing their skills with Spanish tongue twisters and learning about celebrities around the world that speak Spanish. The students expressed interest in listening to authentic conversations and then acted as ‘Human Google Translators’. They found this to be both challenging and rewarding. The discovery of cognates that help make Spanish one of the easiest languages for English speakers to master provided a lot of ‘a-ha moments’ and successful outcomes.

Best Wishes to the Class of 2022 in their future language studies.  (The photos below are of Year 6 Term 4 Memories)

And a special thank you to Annika and Chloe for being such great Spanish Leaders this year! J

Muchas gracias.

Curiosity  •   Respect  •  Integrity  •  Resilience

Contribute: Parents Group & Community News


Parents Group News

School Slime Colour Fun Run – Friday 9 December.

The new date for the slime run is next Friday and we are still seeking lots of parent volunteers for the day. If you are available to help out with the set up, the BBQ or to slime the kids (!!), please sign up at: https://signup.com/go/gWZPMpw

Just a few reminders again:

  • Students are to bring a T-shirt to school (preferably white for full effect of the colourful slime)!
  • Send your child with $2 cash if they would like to buy a sausage for lunch

12.00 Year 2 

12.15 Prep  

12.30 Year 1  

12.45 Year 5  

1.00 Year 3 

1.15 Year 4  

1.30 Year 6

For any questions, feel free to reach out on parentsgroup.lps@gmail.com

Thank you for all your support in the lead up and on the day!

Lunch Orders – parent helpers needed

In order for us to ensure lunch orders can continue at the school, we need parent helpers for up to an hour each Wednesday and Friday. Even if you could volunteer your time once a month that would be greatly appreciated. Please sign up using the link below and if you have any questions, please email Liz on liz.short123@gmail.com. Liz will be in communication with all those that volunteer to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Sign up here: https://signup.com/go/CNbQDJF

Carols in Blacks Walk – Friday 9 December

Parent group are looking forward to seeing many families after school on Friday 9th of December for the Carols in Blacks Walk!

Election Day Wrap Up

Another hugely successful election day at LPS – we raised approximately $3000 for Parents Group which will ultimately go towards the upgrade of the school playgrounds.

Big thank you to everyone who came and volunteered on the day and those who baked for the cake stall. Special thank you to Jonathan T (BBQ King), Narelle V and Dana J (Coffee queens), Nadia H and Vicky W (Cake Stall Connoisseurs) and Christina S (Plant Stall Expert) for all their hard work.



Mango Delivery

We anticipate the mangoes will be arriving sometime during the week beginning the 5th December. If you placed an order for mangoes, you will be notified via email as soon as we the delivery date has been confirmed!




First Friday of the Month:
next opening Friday 2 December

Term Time Only:

2.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Please enter the school grounds via Janet Street. Please go straight to the Uniform Shop, near the Performing Arts Centre.

Thank you,
Clarissa, Liz, Lucinda and Kate

 Cash transactions only
All items are $5 (including jackets and jumpers).
All monies go to the school to support our students.

We accept donations of pre-loved uniforms
Please continue to phone the school and speak with one of the office staff if you have uniforms to donate

Please ensure donations are washed, clean and in good condition. Only school branded clothing (i.e. no Target, Kmart, Big W, etc. brands).



Click on these links  below for Community News or information:


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- please register your child - it's free to register and you'll always have that option for childcare, even in unexpected circumstances.


Please click here to view information and registration for Digimaker.

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Please click here to view information for school holiday and after school programs.

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Please click here to view information for school holiday program.

Please click here to view information for school holiday program.


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LPS Superstars

Earlier this term, Year 6 students Darcy S and James M travelled to Canberra to represent Team VIC for their respective sports.

Darcy competed in the Bruce Cup Teams Tennis Championships, where he was part of a team that consisted of the best male and female tennis players in his age group for Victoria. The team played 8 straight days of competition with Darcy playing an astonishing 16 matches in 6 days, winning 14 matches for his team. At the end of the competition Victoria claimed silver prize, narrowly missing out to Queensland for the gold.

James competed with School Sports Australia National 12 and under golf competition representing Victoria. James was selected as the Team Captain for the Victorian representative boys squad.

As this was a team event, the Team Vic girls won the stroke and net competition, while James and his team were the Ambrose Nett winners. Team Vic boys and girls finished third as bronze medallists of the Craig Parry Champions.

An amazing achievement by both Darcy and James for competing at such a high level. Congratulations on all your success! We wish both Darcy and James all the best as they continue pursuing their respective sports.

We also want to highlight and acknowledge our amazing Year 6 student Jacqueline W who has travelled around Australia and abroad this year pursuing her BMX events. Last week Jacqueline travelled to Launceston where she competed in the national championships, coming 4th overall. This also completed the national cup (scored over several events during the year) where she finished 2nd.

Additionally, in October Jacqueline travelled to New Zealand as part of the Australian BMX teams that took part in the Might 11s test competition. Both the boys and girls teams won the test against the New Zealanders! Congratulations Jacqueline on all your success and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you in BMX.

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No No NO

My husband and I are looking to buy a new car. Iʼm dreaming of an electric vehicle, and with 3 kids in car seats, a 7 seater would be ideal. So Iʼd been doing some research when I found it – the perfect car. It had an impressive range for an electric vehicle, the required 7 seats, and with falcon wing doors I would be the coolest mum in the kinder car park.

I excitedly showed my husband and told him that I want this car! And he ooohed and aaahed at the car with me, and then I went back to looking at cars that were realistically in our budget. Because my dream car had one issue. It cost twice as much as we earn in a year.

How often do our kids ask us for things that they canʼt realistically have?

A 5-year-old wants to read books at bath time.

A 7-year-old wants to kick their soccer ball in the living room.

A 12 year-old wants the latest smartphone, with the 6.1” screen and a camera that can record in 4K – perfect for filming TikToks!

But in these moments, when our kids tell us what they want, how often do we immediately say “no”?
“No way”
“Not now”

The problem is, when we are constantly telling our kids “no”, they donʼt feel full of gratitude for having such reasonable and logical parents. Instead, they feel unheard and frustrated. They feel as though we donʼt trust their decision making. They feel as though we are taking away their capacity to make choices. And they feel disconnected from us. What if we could do for our kids what my husband did for me, and show them that we honour their wishes and trust them to make reasonable decisions?

Next time a “no” jumps to your lips when your child wants something they canʼt have, try one of these three strategies instead:

1. Engage in problem-solving to find win-win solutions

Instead of pushing our will onto our kids, we can work with them to find a solution that works for everyone. This involves hearing their perspective, voicing your own concerns, and then working to come up with possible solutions together. That might look like this:

“You want to read books right now. You really love reading books. Iʼm worried that if we read all of our books right now, we wonʼt have time for a bath. What do you think we can do so that we have time for books and a bath?”

By working with our kids to find solutions, we give them power over their own lives, and show that we trust them to make good decisions.

2. Find the yes in the no.

Sometimes what our kids want is almost ok. It might be ok to kick the soccer ball around, just not in the living room. Or it might be ok to eat ice cream, just not right before dinner. When that happens, we can say yes to what is ok with their desire, while redirecting the rest. That might look like this:

“I can see that you want to kick the soccer ball around! You sure can kick that ball really well. Iʼm a bit worried that thereʼs not enough room inside our house for you to kick the ball around safely. Letʼs take the ball outside where you have more room. Would you like some help to set up some goals?”

When we say yes to what we can, we help our kids feel heard and understood.

3. Give it to them in fantasy.

Joanna Faber and Julie King, authors of How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen, suggest that when your child wants something they canʼt have, our first impulse is to explain why they canʼt have it… which often doesnʼt work out very well for us. Instead, we can give to our child in fantasy what they canʼt have in reality. That might look like this:

“You want to buy that new smartphone? Wow, I can see why! That camera is fantastic. Look, it says here that itʼs the same quality as what you see in the movies! Maybe we can go to the shops tomorrow and record a TikTok on the display phone. That could be a bit of fun!”

By acknowledging that our child wants something, and joining them in their fantasy, weʼre not building them up for disappointment like we think we might be doing. Weʼre actually giving them a healthy outlet for experiencing their desire.

Taking “no” out of our vocabulary doesnʼt mean that we need to buy the latest smartphone for our tweens, eat dessert at every meal, and spend all of our life savings on a fancy car. Itʼs not a recipe for indulgence. It does mean that we honour our kidsʼ feelings and help them make good choices. And boosting our kidsʼ sense of autonomy and competence is something we can say “yes!” to.

Beck Delahoy is a neuroscientist, writer, and home-educator. When sheʼs not researching and writing about parenting, sheʼs outside exploring the wonder of nature with her three kids. Find her @beckdelahoy on Instagram

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